Lotus: Parasite Eve 4-6

In this installment we investigate Central Park, where it’s possible that Eve may be threatening another large group of people. This time it’s personal, as Daniel’s wife and child may be in danger. We’d better hurry!

In this installment we deal with the boss of the park, and encounter what may be my favorite scenario of the game! With that, we enter Day 3. The Eve problem is really getting serious now!

In this installment – you guessed it – Sheeva has become a problem. We need to deal with this. Now.

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  1. This came a bit faster than I thought. I’m glad that you explained the junk system in the game. At first I thought “Wow, either he’s enthusiastic about junk or he’s being sarcastic”. That cutscene was intense.

    It was actually the worm boss battle that had me on the edge of my seat but that may be due to the lack of health you had. I suppose all the New Yorker family members live in New Jersey. I like how the Maeda now speaks perfect English one scene after it was shown as a problem.

    Wow, this is getting really interesting. Oh, I honestly felt bad for Torres. I like how they gave him some backstory even though he’s a side character. And NO, not Sheeva! Of course there was a reason they lingered on Ben and the dog. Although, I must say I’m confused about the enemies that were in the police station, like the one that killed Torres. Did I miss something? Were some of those former police officers with a crazy nucleus or are those a more advanced rat enemy? I couldn’t tell. Awesome set of videos.

    • I upload new installments on YouTube each day, so I try to get an update on Channel Awesome kind-of-sort-of when I’ve uploaded the next three – maybe a day or two later, if the schedule’s full at around that point.

      By the way, I was not sarcastic about junk. Just wait until you see Part 7! As for boss battles, the worm one was quite intense, but there are actually more intense ones later. Oh, boy, are there ever. 🙂

      Torres and Sheeva were a real shame. I liked both of them – even Sheeva, even though he was in the game for like two minutes. As for the thing that killed Torres, I have NO idea what that was.

      Thanks a lot for your support!

  2. I am still convinced nobody involved with this have any idea how mitochrondria, or electron microscopes, work. Quite fun to see their interpretation of cellular anatomy, though.

    Looking forward to seeing where this goes, Eve seems like a rather interesting villain, and quite theatrical.

  3. I see we’re back to that timeless trope where lives are at stake and the situation is five minutes away from utter disaster… but things are NEVER so dire that we don’t have the time to meticulously click on every square inch of the screen in search of loot.

    The park excursion certainly could have gone better. A trip through a zoo full of mutants (a zoo that apparently arms its guards with grenade launchers if the loot in that office is any indication) followed by Eve pulling off a face-and-other-parts-melting solo performance and… somehow making Aya get onboard something so obviously a trap she might as well have drawn out “trap” on the horses fur in gasoline and lit it on fire (too soon?) is not anyone’s idea of a good time. Perhaps she was somehow compelled into obedience by some hitherto unrevealed bond between Aya and Melissa? Considering the games not so subtle hints towards there being a connection of some kind here, I wouldn’t ignore the possibility.

    At any rate, despite scythe-panzees and bio-electric zombie bears (I can already hear Colbert waking up in a cold sweat), there wasn’t much interesting happening IN said park. Beyond little Aya showing grown-up Aya the shortest route through a circular path, and not a maze as I first believed, there weren’t any interesting sights or moments until the very end. There was a moment of trepidation when you entered the terrarium, but then I realized that room was only a short stop-gap of visual variation before it was time for even more snow. The zoo felt like a bunch of screens that did little but pad the length between start and explosively dramatic finish. Though I must admit I liked the subtle detail of soot in the snow. Looks like some of the victims don’t even get to leave a corpse behind.

    Also my pulse went up way more for the battle between Aya and the Earthworms (possible bandname right there?) than for the battle between Aya and Eve. The earthworm grew more and more dangerous the more you hurt it which maintained your involvement throughout the entire fight, and when the final form popped out I giggled in surprise and awe at its size. Eve in comparison felt far weaker and less impressive, with two easily telegraphed attacks that looked real easy to dodge. Eve felt like she was way more slick presentation than actual challenge, which may have been intentional since one can’t say aboss-fight on a wagon pulled by a perpetually burning horse isn’t memorable. I must admit I’m not quite sure WHY she set fire to the horse instead of transforming it into a monster as it seems outright counterproductive if you’re not trying to kill Aya but join with her…

    Still liking Aya and Daniels report, even if Ayas little “gotta look before you leap sometimes oldtimer” quip would probably benefit from voice acting and a more expressive model, as it read as something inbetween concerned and glib to me- some slight delicacy might be necessary considering it’s his wife and kid we’re talking about. Still not too interested in Eve who mostly seems to be a mindless “absorb all life for the glorious next step in evolution” kind of villain which might have flown if this was my first encounter with the type, but as is I’ve seen it too often to accept it right away. Glad that Ben made it out okay though- I’m now curious if he’s got some kind of connection with Eve as well, considering he seemed capable of staving off her influence when his mother fell victim to it.

    But never mind that now, it’s day three! And the NYPD has succesfully managed to evacuate an entire city. Evacuate NEW YORK at that. I don’t think cities work like that. It’s a pretty darn eventful day too- we’re introduced to Maeda who proceeds to endear himself to me with his seemingly non-plussed “fu- the police” reaction to a racist cop being set on fire right in front of him (but only that guy for some undecipherable reason), some more confirmation that Daniel is an awesome partner if not a little bit neglectful as a father to bail on his son after he’s lost his mother (though one can wonder why he didn’t just take Aya back to the station after her horseride instead of letting her squat in some dilapidated apartment), and a boatload of exposition. The previous Eve, Ayas burgeoning doubts over herself (one wonders if her compulsion to obey Eve is what’s leading her down this road or if it’s the plain fact she’s got superpowers period that does it), Daniel having a brief sad over his ex-wife but then changing gears on a dime because there’s a partner to stand by, aaand then we see that Maeda obviously have superpowers himself if he can sleep outside in New York during the winter. Also that Daniel truly is a Fine American Movie Cop- breaking and entering? Only unlawful if someone’s around to file charges!

    It overall feels like this section centers more on Daniel than Aya- even if Aya is the one to avenge Torres death (nooo the funny shopkeeper duo I thought we were gonna see much more of them!) and kill Sheeva, it’s still Daniel who reunites with his son, strenghtens Ayas faith in herself and makes up with his old buddy. Also he’s the only one who seems to have the sense to do something about Klamp because holy hell Aya how are you not even going to take this melodramatic monologuer in for a hearing at the very least, you cannot possibly not suspect there is something weird about the guy. Compulsion again? Klamp really could not be more of a stereotypical maniacal SCIENCE!!-villain if they tried. It’s obvious he knows SOMETHING about Aya that might be useful but no, let’s keep that plot thread dangling because reasons.

    I am warming up to Aya’s level of snark, I just hope her decisions start to have more weight in the future installments… and that we find out Maedas secret reason for following Aya. What is he hiding, this researcher…

    But speaking of something completely different- spells. You don’t seem to use them that much. So far you’ve mostly relied on auto-heal and regular attacks, and while you do say that spells take longer to regenerate the more you use them is there a reason you didn’t use them at all during the earthworm fight or the cerberus fight? You were a sitting duck during most of the latter, wouldn’t a barrier have helped? Or is there some drawback that means you should stay away from them altogether?

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