Lotus: Parasite Eve 4-6

In this installment we investigate Central Park, where it’s possible that Eve may be threatening another large group of people. This time it’s personal, as Daniel’s wife and child may be in danger. We’d better hurry!

In this installment we deal with the boss of the park, and encounter what may be my favorite scenario of the game! With that, we enter Day 3. The Eve problem is really getting serious now!

In this installment – you guessed it – Sheeva has become a problem. We need to deal with this. Now.

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5 Comments on "Lotus: Parasite Eve 4-6"

This came a bit faster than I thought. I’m glad that you explained the junk system in the game. At first I thought “Wow, either he’s enthusiastic about junk or he’s being sarcastic”. That cutscene was intense. It was actually the worm boss battle that had me on the edge of my seat but that may be due to the lack of health you had. I suppose all the New Yorker family members live in New Jersey. I like how the Maeda now speaks perfect English one scene after it was shown as a problem. Wow, this is getting really… Read more »

I am still convinced nobody involved with this have any idea how mitochrondria, or electron microscopes, work. Quite fun to see their interpretation of cellular anatomy, though.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes, Eve seems like a rather interesting villain, and quite theatrical.

I see we’re back to that timeless trope where lives are at stake and the situation is five minutes away from utter disaster… but things are NEVER so dire that we don’t have the time to meticulously click on every square inch of the screen in search of loot. The park excursion certainly could have gone better. A trip through a zoo full of mutants (a zoo that apparently arms its guards with grenade launchers if the loot in that office is any indication) followed by Eve pulling off a face-and-other-parts-melting solo performance and… somehow making Aya get onboard something… Read more »