Lotus: Parasite Eve 7-9

No more playing around. It’s time to POWER UP!

In this installment we tackle the hospital. What’s creepier than a mostly-abandoned hospital? One with all of the lights out, of course!

In this installment we conclude the hospital with a bang, and then we go to…wait, is that right? Parasite Eve has TWO sewer levels?

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I tried to play this game back around 2001, and simply couldn’t get more than an hour or two into it.

The fact that it had unscippable cuts scenes is what did it in for me. I kept dying in some early battle, and found it unbearable that I’d have to sit through a 2 minute cut scene that I’d already watched in order to try again.


You were so giddy when you found a way to “cheat” the game.

I didn’t catch the line about Aya’s sister. I must have been multi-tasking at the time. That new gun made this play through look like a cake walk. The repeating within the second video confused me at first.

Wow, the plot thickens. I at least guessed that Dr. Klamp was evil before they mentioned it. I can’t wait to see how this one ends!


well, this was certainly eventful
not as much as the last batch, but still

some minor conspiracy uncovered

I’m a bit surprised at how much I’m bothered by Torres’ death. On the one hand it was a pretty shocking twist that Eve would go right after us, and while one could argue her attack seemed kind of hasty and sloppy the facts revealed in this episode does a fine job of explaining her motivations- Melissas time as host until she burns out is short, so unless she can kill all threats to her pregnancy quicklike she’s in for a world of trouble. On the other hand her characterization in the hospital paints her as strangely arrogant and blind… Read more »