Lotus: Parasite Eve 7-9

No more playing around. It’s time to POWER UP!

In this installment we tackle the hospital. What’s creepier than a mostly-abandoned hospital? One with all of the lights out, of course!

In this installment we conclude the hospital with a bang, and then we go to…wait, is that right? Parasite Eve has TWO sewer levels?

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  1. I tried to play this game back around 2001, and simply couldn’t get more than an hour or two into it.

    The fact that it had unscippable cuts scenes is what did it in for me. I kept dying in some early battle, and found it unbearable that I’d have to sit through a 2 minute cut scene that I’d already watched in order to try again.

    • Yeah, some PS1 games had unskippable scenes, and that really does get old, especially on multiple playthroughs. Fortunately, the ones in this game don’t take too terribly long, but having to rewatch a particular scene because you died is rough.

  2. You were so giddy when you found a way to “cheat” the game.

    I didn’t catch the line about Aya’s sister. I must have been multi-tasking at the time. That new gun made this play through look like a cake walk. The repeating within the second video confused me at first.

    Wow, the plot thickens. I at least guessed that Dr. Klamp was evil before they mentioned it. I can’t wait to see how this one ends!

  3. well, this was certainly eventful
    not as much as the last batch, but still

    some minor conspiracy uncovered

  4. I’m a bit surprised at how much I’m bothered by Torres’ death. On the one hand it was a pretty shocking twist that Eve would go right after us, and while one could argue her attack seemed kind of hasty and sloppy the facts revealed in this episode does a fine job of explaining her motivations- Melissas time as host until she burns out is short, so unless she can kill all threats to her pregnancy quicklike she’s in for a world of trouble. On the other hand her characterization in the hospital paints her as strangely arrogant and blind to her own hubris and short-sighted thinking, making her come off as far more buffoonish than I think was intended… as evidenced by how the only effect of her attack was the death of a character that gave the world some flavor. With only Wayne helming the store it simply feels like any other empty store-front in any other JRPG.

    And speaking of Wayne- dat AK-47. I am rather mystified as to why THAT is the most powerful and dangerous weapon of them all, far stronger than the grenade launchers we’ve come across thus far as well as somewhat slower, but I guess I shouldn’t expect a lot of logic from this game. Can’t also say the effects you’ve put on it thus far (Acid and Paralyze, I think?) have been very effective or impressive since Acid damage is minimal and Paralyze have yet to be seen in effect. What IS impressive is the fact that Aya’s precinct is a VERY well-armed one. I kinda wonder if police precincts even had these many guns before 9/11.

    At any rate, the hospital! While I do love the mood of this place, with dark and spooky corridors, dutch angles and actual people to talk to ( not sure why they aren’t on fire though), it has a LOT of cardkey hunting. Whether the keys are fuses or actual cardkeys, simply running around for an hour hunting keys is not my idea of a good time (nor are doctors showing up out of nowhere to exposit about liquid nitrogen). Far more interesting are the facts we learn about our past here: the accident, the transplants that connect Melissa and Maya and of course: the good doctor Klamps involvement. Not sure if he was the one who released the list though, but I’ve yet to see them mention any other doctor character by name so who else could it be? This place and us go way back, so it’s still worth going through all the hassle. Even if the spiderboss comes out of nowhere and I don’t get what made the roof collapse by shooting it. I also notice your main strategy seems to be standing still and pumping shot after shot into the enemy. I suppose there would be some more finesse if you didn’t have superweapons though, since it looks like you can just tank all the hits with your auto-heal and AK.

    Still not impressed with or amused at Eve whenever she goes out of troll-mode: I wonder if the part of her that likes to pull bad puns and one-liners is Maya messing with her sister somehow, or if the shapeshifting hyper-evolved life form is just THAT petty. Like what was even the point of cutting the cables? Is she trying to kill Aya, or lead her to realize something important Eve thinks will sway her mind? Really, for all of Eve’s supposedly superior intelligence, what possible good could her actions in luring Aya to the hospital DO for her? At least the escape from the ceiling (legit thought you were supposed to jump down the hole) and subsequent tumble down the window-elevator was one hell of a ride. Cool set-piece moments is definitely a point in this games favor.

    At least when you’re not crawling through a samey-looking sewer. I can only say that your decision to fastforward this segment was a sound one. That looked so boring. So very, very boring. Already looking forward to the next installments when we fight the giant blob, even though I could’ve sworn the game told us to go to the museum before “it was too late”- did the guide point you in the direction of Chinatown instead? And the greatest mystery of all… if Baker had Sheeva as his first partner, how dang old WAS that dog? Because Baker does not look like a spring-chicken, so to speak…

    • Torres was an interesting case. He wasn’t exactly prominent in the game, but he was actually given enough character to make a difference as far as caring about him is concerned.

      As for the AK, it may not be the best weapon in the game, but I certainly like it. I’ve seen other FAQs recommend the ultra handgun, so I guess it’s a matter of preference.

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