Lotus: Parasite Eve: Conclusion

It all comes down to this. We’re going to perfect our equipment, and then take out the last threats that the Chrysler Building has to offer, which will lead to the true ending. Let’s go crazy!

The second part of part 15

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So I assume that the Chrysler building battle takes canonically place after the fight with the Ultimate Lifeform
Like after defeating the UF, Aya just decided to go into the Chrysler building to clean house


Wow, the true ending requires a lot of work!

The Eve/Maya battle might be the reason for why there were so many medicines available. Thanks for taking all this time to show the true ending. It’s really appreciated. Although… at what point in the timeline would the player do this extra gameplay? Is it between the time when you can only keep one armor and stuff and when you defeat the Ultimate Being or after that?


Oh! My question was answered above. Disregard that part of the comment above…


Another great lp, as always. Good thing Aya lucked out on that last scene, without the Dragon Spooker to help her.

I think I’d like to see what the Let’s Play would’ve been like without the super-weapon. Because when practically every bossfight, from the battles with zombie-dinosaurs and the segment-splitting centipede to these battles with superbaby, final form Eve, the weird tick-queen thing from the Chrysler Building and Ultimate Maya were won by more or less standing still and pumping bullets into the enemy I’m not exactly on the edge of my seat. I mean, I won’t say that there weren’t some bullshit in the optional boss-battles. The tick-queen seemed to summon weird things from off-screen that you had no way… Read more »