Lotus: Parasite Eve: Conclusion

It all comes down to this. We’re going to perfect our equipment, and then take out the last threats that the Chrysler Building has to offer, which will lead to the true ending. Let’s go crazy!

The second part of part 15

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  1. So I assume that the Chrysler building battle takes canonically place after the fight with the Ultimate Lifeform
    Like after defeating the UF, Aya just decided to go into the Chrysler building to clean house

  2. Wow, the true ending requires a lot of work!

    The Eve/Maya battle might be the reason for why there were so many medicines available. Thanks for taking all this time to show the true ending. It’s really appreciated. Although… at what point in the timeline would the player do this extra gameplay? Is it between the time when you can only keep one armor and stuff and when you defeat the Ultimate Being or after that?

  3. Oh! My question was answered above. Disregard that part of the comment above…

  4. Another great lp, as always. Good thing Aya lucked out on that last scene, without the Dragon Spooker to help her.

  5. I think I’d like to see what the Let’s Play would’ve been like without the super-weapon. Because when practically every bossfight, from the battles with zombie-dinosaurs and the segment-splitting centipede to these battles with superbaby, final form Eve, the weird tick-queen thing from the Chrysler Building and Ultimate Maya were won by more or less standing still and pumping bullets into the enemy I’m not exactly on the edge of my seat. I mean, I won’t say that there weren’t some bullshit in the optional boss-battles. The tick-queen seemed to summon weird things from off-screen that you had no way to respond to in time, and many of Mayas attacks truly seemed to be undodgeable. But it also seemed like playing a bit more defensively, maybe throw up a barrier or two every now and then, could have helped you conserve healing items. But since you tank all hits and just blast the enemy until they die, there’s not a lot of room to test the limits of the battle system and explore how you fight in any other way but “stand still, shoot until one thing falls down”.

    But, relative lack of exciting gameplay aside, this certainly have been a blast to watch. From the Ultimate Lifeform coming back in it’s scrote-butt-tail glory only to turn into Perfect Chaos (I kind of giggled when we both made that reference at almost the same time), and Aya and Daniel proving themselves the baddest of butts by improvising a neat one-liner while blowing up a ship as she outruns a Terminator, plus jumping from a helicopter and catch on fire mid-jump while STILL executing a perfect throw as he puts himself out with the ocean. Though if it’s the friction of the mitochondria inside his cells that’s setting him on fire, the water should really just be good for smashing in his ribcage (what with the height of the fall) and ending his pain quickly, but I think we’ve already established this games level of respect for the laws of biology and physics. This finale was truly a fine display of throwing out all pretenses of horror and embracing it’s glorious “dumb action-movie” side with open arms, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t amused. It even manages to mend the best of both worlds- mystifyingly strange JRPG-ending mixed with raucous US blockbuster “We’re gonna tie everything together by revisiting our starting and everything is gonna be AAAAALL-RIIIIIGHT” style ending (which might be due to the game being a co-operative effort between Squares US and Japan divisions, according to Wikipedia?).

    And in the end, I guess that’s really Parasite Eve in a nutshell. When the game tries to be a sci-fi thriller, it stumbles on the ineptitude of it’s villain-writing. Because when you’re trying to sell us on the science and the science is just coming from either Maeda, who’s sympathetic but mostly just around to spit exposition, or Klamp whom I’ve already blasted before… it’s kinda hard to care. You just want to put a finger to Parasite Eve’s lips whenever it starts talking about “selfish gene theory” and “parasitic mitochondria” and just tell it to not to do this to us, and itself. No, where the game shines is when it gets to be down with it’s inner cheesy action movie. This is where the game and it’s protagonist shines: Aya Brea doesn’t really say or do anything particularly engaging during the course of the plot. It’s kinda weak of the game to have Aya not really say or do much in reaction to all the weird shit going on except go “I have to prevent [whatever disaster is taking place]” until the very end, where she can finally cut loose and invite weird slime-blobs to Hells Kitchen and say she’s evolved to kill herself some hostile mitochondria. Until then she mostly just spends her time Solid Snake-ing it up as Maeda exposits science at her, leaving most of the pathos to Daniel. It’s he who has to deal with the death of his non-character wife, protect his son and reconcile with his boss. It felt like the plot did a much better job of getting me involved with Daniels story than Aya’s, mostly because the people surrounding Daniel’s life felt way more relatable than the people in Aya’s life. She’s a badass cop and all, but her “love interest” is dweeby little Maeda, her “villains” are text-book ranty EEEVIL HIVEMIND/EEEVIL SCIENTIST cliches that got me rolling my eyes so hard I’m writing this from the Royal Swedish Institute for Engineering because my eyes are now perpetual motion engines, and her sister is barely even a character. As an outlet for the audience, the means by which we can find relief through FINALLY getting Klamp and Eve to shut up and be blown up for all the deaths they’ve caused, Aya does fine. But as far as being the star of her own story goes, she’s lacking. Her own doubts over whether she is a monster or not COULD have an interesting continuation considering the Normal Ending, but it’s quite clear she gets all that wiped clean by the True Ending. And even if seeing her get some kind of closure regarding Maya is nice on paper, the story of her and her cornea-sister was tainted by association with the nutbaggery that was Dr Klamps Wacky Science Time side-plot. I could not present a single care to give for anything involving that dude if I was payed for it.

    But I think some of these frustrations can also be pinned on me having the wrong expectations. For so long I heard of Parasite Eve as one of Square’s bigger games, and since they were made in the same time as Final Fantasy 7 and 8, I think I had certain expectations that the game was never going to fulfill. Even if I understood that the game was not about some big fantasy world, but a creepy body horror-filled “real world” adventure, I still expected something as heady as those other games. I guess I was expecting something as introspective as the moment where Cloud breaks down and spends a large portion of the game in a wheel-chair, or Squall becomes so despondent he breaks away from the gang for a solo adventure. But Parasite Eve was never interested in that. I looked at the hype and the themes and expected something along the lines of “Alien”, when what I really got was “True Lies”. And because I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t ready to judge it on those merits.

    But despite my confusion, something about Parasite Eve’s mixture of cheesy 90 sci-fi action movie with JRPG sensibilities just cannot be denied. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting it that I can’t stop thinking about it, that the game actually managed to surprise me when I think I’ve got Squaresoft writers pegged. Even if the result isn’t as big or dramatic as I thought it would be, I’m still glad I watched it. It turned out to be a strange little blend that has me curious for what the sequels are like, but right now I am oh so good with just hanging back and watching whatever you’ll be bringing us next. Until next time, LP. Until next time.

    • The main LP would’ve been doable, if harder (especially the final boss) without the super weapon, but the Chrysler Building would’ve been next to, if not outright, impossible.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It was short and sweet, and managed to pack a lot into a game that’s very short when compared to its Final Fantasy cousins. Square did a great job with this one. 🙂

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