Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Never Alone – Part 3

In this installment we have another run-in with our rival, the polar bear, and then we end up in the most unexpected of places!

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  1. What’s left of the ice-floes don’t have that much to be said about them save two things- the “teeth” and the polar bear.

    At first, I actually thought the ice-platforms that moved up and down were meant to be literal teeth of some kind of giant and we were only meant to believe it was ice to lure us into a false sense of security, they just seemed too sharp and evenly formed to be regular ice. At any rate, they’re a decent challenge, even if the biggest threats I encountered was a partner-AI which sometimes decided it should jump ahead in advance and get crushed by a rising pillar, and more of the wonky ledge-grabbing physics. Many were the times when I ended up on a ledge and the model started bugging out, sliding up and down and up and down the ledge completely beyond my control. Not so good times. I was impressed however when the AI actually seemed to catch on to the rise and fall timing and ran straight through that long platform, that was some crazy luck.

    The polar bear boss was pretty interesting though, mostly in how I didn’t actually fight him the way you did (or for that matter got attacked when I was standing in the “safe” spot, guess you took too long?). Whereas you diverted their attention with the fox and then threw a bola in their back, I simply jumped down with the girl and led the polar bear away by walking up close to it and then ran away. Led to the exact same result, polar bear bashes against the wall and ice falls down. We then lead it out, and then we move on to the whale. The whale. Eeeyyup.. the whale.

    I’m lukewarm to the whale stage. It feels like filler inbetween the polar bear fight and Kings Island, with little in terms of new challenges save rope spirits. I guess my problem is that it feels like it’s there because it was in the original story and they needed a stage to fill the time. I will say that, it looks kinda neat. I was expecting one of those “meatcavern”-like stages, but as this is a spirit whale I suppose making it into a frozen ice-cave is something they have artistic license to do. Real curious where all the light’s coming from, though. It’s a nice effect, I’m just wondering where it’s filtering in from. Much like I wonder how we can suddenly swim when we never have before and never will again… in water, of course.

    The stage itself kind of feels like it could be labyrinthine (you touch on this in a comment where you wonder if there will be a lot of side-rooms and missable secrets), but they wisely keep it pretty slimmed down and focused. The game isn’t very secret-filled or exploration-based overall, it’s mostly just about going to the right and solve the puzzles you encounter along the way, which opens up the way to the next puzzle. The game keeps it simple, and I think that is to it’s credit: concentrate on making memorable platform sections, set-pieces and puzzles to get by.

    And over all that might be the problem with this stage- it doesn’t have that many memorable features. Advance until you find a bunch of ice, then break the ice which makes water flow in from… outside the whale(?) and you can continue. Sure, there are small moments I like such as the waterfall that prevents bola throws (another example of physics I did not expect) and the introduction to rope-swinging… though the rope segment is somewhat less enjoyable for me considering the time it took me to get what was going on. You not only have to separate the characters, you have to do it in a way that ensures they don’t follow each other. That happened to me a few times. Spiky death occured as the girl jumped into the spike pit. Eventually I got that you just let the girl jump down to the lowest step possible, then position yourself with the fox so that both rope-spirits are visible and just swing between them.

    Also found it a bit funny to see you struggle with the wallcrawling spirit after that, even if I understand what happened there. That segment has an issue with how the wall-crawler will crawl up as long as the fox is above it, their movements and positions being bound and what not. There is a ledge that the fox can cling to and thereby stay elevated and make the spirits go up, but it’s not very visible so it’s easy to miss it like you did and have the wall climber never go as high as it needs to go. It’s overall a bit wonky to get the wallclimbers where you want them to at this point, since you need to clamber over it to make it ascend and doing that is not always easy doing. You scratch your way up the wall, but you will have to jump off at some point and if you fall down the wallclimber will go after you. Frustrating.

    Also- easy to slip away from it and make it disappear. You learn that the hard way in this stage, gotta stay stuck on a spirit with the fox or it will disappear and the girl standing on the spirit will most likely fall to her death. Harsh lessons that must be learned. The first time this happens had me somewhat stumped too- I do not get why one has to slip underneath some ice, walljump up, fetch a spiritcluster (curious if these spirits are supposed to represent something or if they’re just abstract designs) and free a spirit, ride the spirit to the left and free a wall-climbing spirit… it all just felt like a waste of time.

    So yeah- aside from teaching us an ability we’ll have use for later, there’s really not much to this stage. The most interesting thing about it is that there are large tentacles floating by in the background whenever you are under water, so it looks like a fight with a giant squid is slowly built up to… only to never happen. It’s just a weird background detail, nothing more. And while I was sort of sad that there wasn’t a stage after this that took place up in the sky among the stars (as the narrator says they almost flew that high), what’s around the corner is still very interesting…

  2. The whale stage was probably my least favorite part of the game. It was creative, but we didn’t actually go anywhere with it. The whale got in our way, and then we were done with it. The whole thing could’ve been skipped, in my opinion. That said, its actual gameplay was just as good as that of any other part of the game.

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