Lotus Prince Let’s Play: Never Alone – Part 5A

At long last, we find the source of the blizzard! What in the world are we supposed to do about this? Well, we’ll think of something! Let’s go crazy!

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  1. The scene with the walking tree is, in my opinion, a strong showing of the games good and bad sides. It’s a highly atmospheric moment once you awaken it (which seemed to take you some time, judging by the time-lapse?), with the music startling you awake and the differences between the hazy whites of the previous forest section into the highly contrasting black trees and dark water with still white snow building a pretty opressive mood. I must admit I’m not really sure how well it all gels, especially because this predominantly black section is in between two predominantly white sections. It feels like a strange dip in darkness which might have been better saved for the manslayer fight.

    But it does look cool, and it feels like a cool moment to play. There’s really something impressive about taking a seat on a wandering tree as it carries you across a lake (though I can’t help but wonder where the lake came from- is this a marshland or something?)… it’s just not that easy to actually control.

    First of, what I said about episode four and the foxboy is really put front and center here- the foxboys tendency to glide away from the things he’s meant to be pulling is bad enough when you don’t have a frost giant nipping at your heels or have a limited amount of time until the wandering tree passes you by. With those factors however, things reach maximum irritationlevels dangerously quick- not only is the fox boy quite sluggish, but during the wandering tree segments I always felt like the camera wasn’t panning enough to the right, so several obstacles became exhibitions of trial and error as you seldom had the time to react in a timely manner. Since the fox boy is so slow to pull and fly and on occassion the tree will start jerking around and mess up your jumps, so there were a lot of moments where you just died and then had to redo the segment… only to immediately nail it since the problem wasn’t in the platform challenges themselves, but in how things outside your control took you by surprise.

    That is to say, when the bugs don’t mess things up. There seemed to be some in this session (the foxboy stopping during the chase sequence, control at one point reverting to the girl when you thought it was the fox, meaning you ran off an edge to your doom), but I encountered far more. For instance, at one point I jumped onto a platform just as the tree started jerking around, and as a result Nunas model ended up INSIDE the platform once I jumped. After some shaking around I finally succeeded in getting out and promptly fell and drowned. Not so good times. Though it was kinda funny to have her jump so far once during a windy-jump that she smacked straight into a cliff wall. Cruel, but fun.

    A second problem that I had but which you seemed to avoid was in the encounter with the manslayer, and it’s a kind of curious choice that this segment is lighter in coloration than the tree-walk despite being the one time we straight up murder someone. Could’ve made it a little more dark. At any rate, you start running and throwing bolas at walls and have to endure the foxboy slooowwwlllyyy pulling up the tree hands AND temporarily stopping whenever you switch to him, you can’t just keep holding a direction and have him continue moving- whenever you switch characters the switchee WILL stop. Little bit annoying. I then tried to pull down the tree hands but he blew it up, because manslayer don’t play… is what I would be saying if he didn’t stop to counter-productively roar every now and then, but without that slowdown he’d probably overtake us something fierce, and that would be no fun. Eventually you arrive at the central boss-fight arena, and then you win in a minute a fight that took me three tries before I got it. Awkward.

    What stood in my way was that I didn’t even SEE the branches at first. I swear to God, something must’ve been up with my screens resolution because YOU got a pretty nice and obvious view of the bombable branches in the upper part of the screen, whereas I had them on the very EDGE of the screen! I have no idea how this change happened, but in my game the branches were barely visible. So I just slid the girl around on her platform and had the fireballs go wide because I didn’t really know I should lead them towards. This lead to one death as I tried desperately avoiding tracking fireballs who curved and whose path I tragically miscalculated. My second death came when a fireball accidentally hit the branch… and the branch hit the girl which caused her to glitch out and SOAR away like a baseball heading for a homerun, and I died. But at least I knew what to do. I had to balance myself just right so that the branches never hit me, which you didn’t have to worry about at all because apparently that feature didn’t exist in your version of the game (which got me killed a third time too) before I finally got it.

    Overall it seems, judging from the games steam-page, that there has been a LOT of bug-fixing and polishing AI and features, which is to be expected considering it is their very first game. As such it’s a bit hard to really say much about the games qualities since it seems I got my hands on one of the relatively unpolished earlier editions.

    (Continued in the next post, since this is quite long as it is).

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