Lotus Prince: Q&A

Here it is – answers to all submitted questions. Thanks a lot for your support!

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.

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Yes! I’m SUPER happy that my question made it in. I know you did all the questions but still, it’s awesome! As a follow up to your answer, I would personally say the video game for the first Madagascar movie is surprisingly good. I know I sound crazy but they take the few things from the movies and turn them into fun levels and mini games. It’s not super good but it’s WAY better than most movie based video games. Anyways, I really liked these videos. I learned a lot. I’m looking forward to more videos.

All very good answers. I didn’t get caught up in time (busy time of year and I didn’t notice the site change at first) to ask my own, but I think most of what I could have come up with was there. A few comments: Regarding depression: I’ve heard a number of people compare it and other mental health issues with physical illnesses. An illness is equally impossible to consciously change whether it is a heart issue, a bone issue, a skin issue, or a brain issue. Someone can’t make their brain stop being depressed just by willing it, just… Read more »

If you’re that bothered by playing as characters with recognisable actors, you’re clearly never played a Quantic Dream game…

Heh, got in on this train too late. Still really cool to get some behind the scenes info, particularly your top ten lists and what makes a horror game good. Would love to be a co-op or skype-partner at one production, but ha ha maan we would have to skype across the Atlantic oceans time-difference and that… yeah that is probably not a very good idea. However, if you’re okay with late questions I’d like to make a few! What do you think is the difference between games like Killer is Dead/Lollipop Chainsaw (which I am personally lukewarm to) and… Read more »