Lotus Prince: Resident Evil 2 In-Game Content Comparison – All Versions

Here is something that I don’t think has been done before: a showcase of unique in-game content among ALL versions of Resident Evil 2! This took a lot of work and a lot of play, so I hope you enjoy it! Let’s go crazy!

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. Its always amazed me how Capcom was able to cram such a game onto a 60’ish MB N64 cart, and have it turn out as well as it did. It also reminds me what a stupid move on Nintendo’s part was, for sticking with such carts.

    Anyway, PSX Resident Evil 2 all the way! Still my favorite RE of all time.

    • The N64 cart is some kind of technical miracle. It’s amazing that it exists AND has unique content. πŸ˜€

      • Was the dual-shock PSX version really an improvement, in terms of analog use? I’m so used to using D-pad for character movement/tank controls.

        Also i just watched your vid twice and can’t believe i didn’t notice the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure figures!! Awesome. Have you been following the new Stardust Crusaders anime?

        • I’m accustomed to using the D-pad, myself, but if you’re interested in analog, then you now have the option. The rumble is also nice.

          Also, yep – I’ve seen all of the anime at this point, and I’m caught up on the manga! I first started reading it in college. πŸ˜€

  2. Wow, every time you do a Resident Evil video, I learn something new. Granted, I didn’t know much about the series before your videos, but still! I can’t believe how expansive it all is. Also, LOL, I can’t believe that the soft ending credits music would come up after Leon’s little action movie line.

    • I suspect that the soft ending credits came up to save space on the cart, because otherwise they’d have had to add a new track.

      Thanks a lot for your support!

  3. My preferred version would have to be the N64 version, I don’t even dislike the tank controls, but being able to play without them is a really cool experience. As soon as I saw that feature on Maximillian’s stream I just had to try it out for myself. I do want to get the dreamcast version one day to be able to try out extreme battle and hard mode.

    • The N64 version has tons of awesome content that I thoroughly enjoy. Admittedly, I tried the non-tank controls, and I ended up going back. πŸ˜› Still, it’s really great for people who could never stand that manner of gameplay.

      As for hard mode, it’s available on the Dreamcast and PC versions, but Extreme Battle mode is available on every version except for the N64 and the vanilla PS1 release.

  4. Last Action Bastard

    I heard that if you put the Claire disc of the PS1 version in your PC, you can find a hidden wallpaper of her. Is that true?

  5. So, when you said, that the N64 save files couldn’t be deleted, I immediately had to check out if that is actually true. You can access almost any save files on cartridges, when you hold the start button while booting up. And I discovered…
    ..that you are right and you can’t do that with RE2 on N64.. so much for trying to be a smart ass…

    • I actually didn’t realize you could do that. Well, you got me there. It looks like it was dumb luck that I was right on that count, then. πŸ˜›

  6. I have to say, this was definitely a good video. Also my first time watching one of yours. And yeah, I’m actually glad to see the differences with the various versions of the game. I only knew of a few differences before this.

    • I’m glad you liked it! I tend to be a Let’s Player, so this is not my general way of doing things, but I still handle my Let’s Plays in a similar manner, regarding how I speak during gameplay. I’m not much of a yeller. πŸ™‚

      Thanks a lot for your support!

    • Commenting on my first ever CA video to say that this video was really exceptional! Your pacing is great and you packed a LOT of information into those forty minutes. Thank you for putting this together!

      I know comparison vids are not your usual thing–and the amount of time/work you’ve put into assembling this one is obvious–but I would love more content like this. If you ever get the urge to try your hand at a series on game ports, consider me a fan! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you very much – I really appreciate it!

        I doubt that I’ll make a series on game ports, as that took an insane amount of time and effort, but I do plan on doing something like this again. πŸ˜€

  7. Quite interesting to see how different those versions are. Always thought that they were basically identical with some very minor technical differences except the Tiger version, obviously.

    I did miss a bit that there wasn’t any mentioning of the german versions of any kind as those were censored. That didn’t affect the content per se, but it would’ve been nice to mention anyway (Gameplay was only really affected with the third game – making the basegame a bit easier and the Mercenaries mode almost impossible to win).
    In case you want to see that butcher-job yourself, just launch the GameCube version on a GameCube with german as system language, that then loads the censored version instead. Only works with Resident Evil 2, making it also the best version for german players as they can get around the censorship that way.

    • Oops, sorry about the lack of German mentions. I knew that its Resident Evil 3 was all kinds of censored, but I guess I dropped the ball on Resident Evil 2. Thanks for the tip on how to get to that version, though – I was completely unaware of that. πŸ™‚

      Thanks a lot for your support!

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