Lotus Prince: Resident Evil Parts 4-6

Lotus Prince plays Resident Evil – Parts 4-6.

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. I just logged in to this forum to proclaim how annoyed I am. Such a flood of terrible quality work and unfunny people, especially doing stuff that Phealous has done before, which seems awfully specific (I’ve got a shotgun, reviews of Gingerbread man). No wonder he left, I’d be friggin furious.

    This site isn’t entertainment anymore, it’s cash grab! And I hope the “oldies” from here follow the example and leave this place. You guys don’t need to be here, your quality surpasses this page! Please give me a reason not to come here anymore! I’m not even coming here for the Critic anymore because all I get is Editorials and “stuff you didn’t know” facts of stuff I actually don’t know. ANNOYING!

    I bet noone will read this complaint because noone watches the videos of the new guys here!

  2. Do you not like spiders in real life? Just wondering based on your reaction to the spider enemies.

  3. Oh god, I hate spiders!
    How can you NOT see this? >_<
    Yeah, ew!
    Yep, really a unsettling room.
    The water and all. The SHARK! O.o

    BTW, that was NOT the wrong lever. (Kronk) ^^

    "Time to do some science!" 😀
    I like the way this sounds.

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