Lotus: Resident Evil 2 – All EX Files

The Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2 has EX Files, which connect the game to others in the series. Let’s take a look at all sixteen of them, and see what we’ve been missing!

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  1. The EX Files really seem to add another layer to the game. Actually, to the series as a whole! I’m going to have to kinda keep some of these files in mind for whenever you play Resident Evil 3.

  2. These files are hilarious! “…my last escape.” that’s so foreign it’s stupid. My favorite note/file in the RE games is from RE3 and I quote: “Since this plant is a facility under the disguise of a deserted factory, civilians will sometimes enter. If this should occur, do not hesitate to shoot them. If they choose to surrender, arrest and then transfer them to the laboratory as new guinea pigs. You will be rewarded.” Now that’s comedy you just can’t find in a RE game anymore.

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