Lotus: Resident Evil 2 (Claire A): 1-3

It’s time to start my favorite game in the entire series. We’ll start by fighting a secret enemy! Let’s go crazy!

In this installment we get a sweet new weapon, a secret roll of film, and even run into Leon again!

In this installment we use the two jewels, and learn that we need to make ourselves a bomb!

Special thanks to Michael Black for the awesome title card!

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. This should be interesting. I have been learning so much about the Resident Evil series from these Let’s Plays. Granted, I’ll probably never play them (I’m more of a Minecraft girl) but now I get the appeal of this series.

    Wow, after 40 I would have probably given up!

  2. Looks interesting so far. Certainly a different direction from the first game, with the entire city now being taken over. And while the puzzles make little sense in a police station (although, the notes indicate that the chief set them up, if for no other reason than being eccentric), they are pretty interesting. Also quite liked the remnants of Leon’s welcoming party, as it makes the entire thing a bit personal for Leon as well as Claire (whose brother is involved, after all).

    Find it quite hilarious that the zombies could bite the truck driver lightly enough that he didn’t think much of it, yet infect him, but Claire can be bitten and scratched repeatedly without risk of infection, though.

    • I love how quickly the situation got out of control. The welcome party thing was a great touch, as well. It adds story to something that you’ll never hear in an expository manner.

      Also, yeah, that’s a thing with Resident Evil – your characters always seem to be immune to zombie bites. 😛

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