Lotus: Resident Evil 2 (Leon B): 10-12

It’s time to tackle the second half of Resident Evil 2! This time we play as Leon! Don’t be fooled, though: this is NOT the same game as the A scenario. There’s an entirely different plot here!

In this installment we run into Claire, and find a sweet item for one of our weapons that she never had access to!

In this installment we make it to the basement, and finally run into the mysterious woman in red who we saw in the demo!

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. I think that this point of view thing is a really great idea. More video games should do that. It helps with the whole replay factor, you know?

  2. Nailed the true intro of RE2

  3. You remind me of what my mom said to me when the show, Friends, came out. “[Dammit there’s] another [30 minute] show that I[‘m compelled and] want to watch [all the way through]”.

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