Lotus: Resident Evil 2 (Leon conclusion): 15-16

In this installment we make it to the Umbrella lab, but it isn’t as easy to get to it as it was in Scenario A!

It all comes down to this! We access the super secret room that requires two fingerprints to enter, we fight the final boss, and we go for the TRUE ending!

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. This was the first time that I noticed the background music. It’s quite good.

    I had a feeling that Ada would die at the end of this so (SPOILER) that twist really shocked me. My God as to Form 5! I was confused at first. I thought one of plants had maybe gotten to the G-virus or something. He looked just completely different, you know? I know you said it during the play through but… Now THAT was an ending.

  2. Just a little note, yes Hideki Kamiya is the Devil May Cry gguy, which isn’t surprising when you know the story behind Devil May Cry’s origin (long story short: It was Hideki Kamiya’s attempt at making Resident Evil 4, but it was felt that the game strayed too far from the horror roots and so was spun off into an independent game and became Devil May Cry instead).

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