Lotus: Resident Evil 3 – Parts 7-9

In this installment we complete the clock tower, but then things change. A lot.

In this installment we complete the hospital and manage to get back to Jill! It’s time to leave the clock tower once and for all!

In this installment we clear the park and check out the “dead factory!” Nothing foreboding about that name, right?

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. is umbrella corporation cartoonly evil at time ?

  2. I keep thinking that Carlos has died. He’s had so many moments so far where most characters WOULD have had a death scene.

  3. Is Carlos made out of adamantium or something? I know it was a glancing shot and all but JEEZ. The Resident Evil rocket launcher has been shown to OHKO pretty much anything in the series up to now.

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