LPPO: Episodes 27 and 28

Let’s Play Pokemon Omicron returns with clones and Officer Dr. Jason Voorhees!

In this episode, we learn that Fat Grandma lives in a house that makes Pokémon sassy.

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Atop the Fourth Wall is a show about bad comic books. Linkara finds the surreal and the stupid and breaks them down page by page. You'll know why they're idiotic and how they can be improved.


  1. I’ve been watching these Linkara Pokemon Omikron videos for almost a year now. Never thought I’d do that.

  2. you know i have always found really interesting that you technically have to skip the third gym in this game…

    when i play this part of the game some of my Pokemon reach level 30, but, with only 2 gym bages, pokemon at level 30 or above start disobeying you.

    so I was force to start making sure my team as a whole was more balance and that they didn’t grow too strong … it was an interesting experience and intriguing game design choice

  3. Good to see this series back.

    Ancient power brings ancient responsibility.

  4. Yay, Linkara playing Pokemon again. Nice to see this return along with History of Power Rangers.

  5. If I was in a world full of fire breathing monsters and dragons, I’d carry around a machete too. That’s the most useful item Linkara’s ever obtained!

    The real thing people should be questioning is the doctor/cop who runs around with a dolly strapped to his back. I feel like that might be a bit more suspicious.

  6. With Secret Power comes secret responsibility. Enter, the I AM A MAN-Cave!!!!!

  7. Yay, more LPPO! The real Lewis is the one with the fake medical license. The fake Lewis has a real medical license. 😀

  8. Oh wow! I was just thinking about this series about two weeks ago. Wow, an updated cover pic too. LPPO 27: Return of Swag

    I would totally buy Pokemon Sass.

  9. I think your battle with Jake took place in the “Black Houle”! XD

  10. O-ho~… if you think Blue and Silver are jerk rivals in Pokemon games, then sir I must refer you to Pokemon Reborn because you will never see a more jerk face fuck then the rival in there. He will make you appreciate the first two for how they are instead of how they could have been. His name is Fern.

  11. With Secret Power comes Secret Responsibility.

  12. Where and when does he stream this? I picked up there being a chat.

    • These episodes were streamed a few months back. I haven’t seen him stream anything since the 300th episode stuff, and I believe this was before that (I could be wrong). I imagine he’s been rather busy, but, perhaps, the fact that he’s showing this might mean he has a little more time and can start streaming again.

      Then again, with a movie on the way….

  13. Peasant the Dashing Rouge

    No Kings No Gods Just Swag

  14. Nice to see this back! I had no understanding what that Jason thing was in the name. I’m glad I waiting until the end of the video!

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