Lucha Underground – Honest Review

For the first time ever ERod Reviews a wrestling show. Find out more about the innovative new brand of sports entertainment that makes even The Blockbuster Buster take notice.

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  1. I admit I’ve never heard of this show, nor of that network. Is that one of the premium channels you have to special order? But I can see why you love it so much.

    • yeah, EL Rey isn’t a channel everyone gets. But if you use “internet magic” *wink wink* you can find the entire first season and it’s worth marathoning.

  2. what your feeling about nxt. I haven’t seen any of the lucha underground show but i have heard good thing about it. I think nxt right now is doing very good job with the women division but so did tna at one point with there knockout. Women wrestlering never seem to be able to get a good flow at times. One of the reason for the WWE pace and it rear its head this year is that they put so many shows it that it causes wear and tears on the wrestler. A lot of them tend to slow matches down to give themselves a longer lifespan in the sport. (Yes i call it sport, i know it scripted but those guys put on such a performances i consider it the same way a person judge figure skating). what i like to see in the future is for the E to cut back on there show or just fill there roster with part timer to give there guys breaks and i like to see more of t hat hard hitting style of new japan mix with the stuff form lucha. Sort of what WCW had when created the cruiser weight division.

  3. Oh, finally the comments are fixed! This was really interesting. I learned a lot.

  4. Scripted shows, such as the mentioned Doctor Who, are not ‘fake’, they are fictional. There is a distinct difference between the two. Fictional shows are very obviously just that, fictional characters existing in a fictional universe. Fake shows, on the other hand, portray themselves as having real people and taking place in our own real universe. For example, General Hospital is fictional, but Real Housewives is fake. If one likes either or both of them, more power to them, but there is a reason that people call wrestling fake, but don’t also call a show such as Ballers fake; both are pretend, but only one of them pretends to be real.

    • The Dodger Hat Kid

      Ok then both are fiction.

    • The Almighty Foust

      Wrestling hasn’t pretended to be real in almost 20 years now, and even back when it was still “real” most of the fans knew it was a show, as the characters were so over the top. And fake and fictional ultimately mean the same thing, just one sounds nicer.

      • Apologies if I was unclear. I was not meaning that wrestling claims to be non-fiction, but that the fiction that it portrays is different from that of most scripted shows.

        I am making no claim that one is better or worse than the other, just clarifying why people refer to wrestling and reality tv as ‘fake’ but don’t use the same term for other kinds of scripted media. The two words do mean the same thing, in general, but there is a reason that people choose to use one word over the other, just as claiming to be real doesn’t mean the exact same as pretending to be real.

        • I think Fake has a negative connotation which is why E-Rod and other wrestling fans dislike the use of that word.

          Cause Housewives or other reality tv shows can be scripted and have little actual stress involved in doing the show.

          Wrestling… whether it be WWE, LU, NJPW, AAA, ROH, TNA, or any promotion. The winner is pre-determined, but they still go in their and put there bodies on the line. Some people are never the same again after one simple mistake.

          I don’t have to like NASCAR(and I don’t), to give respect to those who do it. Many people have died on the track, just like many have died or been irreversibly hurt in a wrestling ring.

          Calling it ‘fake’ is an insult to the people who get hurt doing it. Because it shows the ignorance of the people using that term. As though they are just playing on a soft pillowy mat and are all wearing protective gear. Just look at the injury list in WWE right now and tell their doctors that it’s ‘fake’… they should be fine.

          • I can understand that ‘fake’ has some negative connotations to the fans and how they might see it as an insult, even though I don’t think that those using the term necessarily mean it to be insulting. I certainly am not meaning to be insulting and I am not special and therefor have to assume that I am not the only one using it without intent to insult.

            Stunt men and women put their bodies and lives on the line in various forms of media and all those risking their lives to provide entertainment do deserve some level of respect. However, I don’t think that using a term to describe a genre means that one is belittling those people’s efforts. I respect the talent of racecar drivers, but I’m not insulting those drivers’ talents when I say I don’t like racing because I find it boring to watch.

            Perhaps there is a better term for a genre that stages its fiction in the trappings of the real world, and I would be happy to use that term, but for the moment people seem to have settled on using the term ‘fake’, for better or worse.

  5. It would help the ratings is more cable companies picked up El Ray Network. So far only satellite companies and Comcast carry it. Verizon doesn’t so I can’t watch.

  6. The Dodger Hat Kid

    I get that one of the complaints about other wrestling shows (actually just WWE since that’s the only other promotion that it’s compared to) is the “shitty promos” but really? You’re complaining about The Rock? One of the best promos in wrestling history? you couldn’t show a wrestler that actually did suck at promos?

    • Meh… not everyone loved The Rock’s promos bro. I was never a fan of the sophomoric humor, add to that the fact that most of his matches were sub par and that kinda drags him down imo.

      • The Dodger Hat Kid

        Not everyone but that vast majority liked him cause of his mic work alone. Not gonna argue with you on the ring work though. Really? People’s Elbow? lol

  7. Absolutely love this show and I can’t wait for season 2! I am very happy Lucha Libre is getting the spotlight it needs to not just be a part of a show but be the show itself. One promotion I’d like to recommend to anyone that enjoys lucha libre is CHIKARA. Great lucha + hilarious, family friendly comedy.

  8. Acetylsalicilique

    Let’s get things right. You are not a wrestling fan. That’s a claim you made, that’s a lie. You’re a guy who watched WWE casually at some point, maybe some TNA, I don’t know, and thinks he know what he’s talking about.

    And obviously, you don’t. This video is bullshit. The one main theme throughout your video is basically “hey, you know how Pro Wrestling sucks ? This is different and great”. Well that’s a fn’ lame and disrespectful way to talk about anything.

    First of, anytime you say you haven’t seen anything like xxx in “any other promotion”, you’re talking about the WWE. Because there is no way you would say it like that if you knew PWG. Or Chikara. Or ROH. Or NJPW. Or Evolve. Or even CZW.
    Do you know about these ? Actually, this is supposed to be an analytic review, are you aware that Prince Puma is Ricochet, the premiere High Flyer on the independant circuit ? Because the way you talked about him, it seem you really thought he was a Mexican luchador…

    But here, you’re not interested in facts. You just want to bury WWE because… well because it’s mainstream and everyone knows it. It’s easy and that gets you credit from people watching who don’t really know the business. But WWE is still the greatest product. Yeah it has tons of flaws, but people who know how the wrestling business know that the WWE is where you want to be. And you are not even saying what is wrong right now in WWE, you’re just spitting out old tired ignorant comments about how things look on the surface. The WWE style is the superior style of Wrestling. That’s not me saying, it’s Chris Jericho, it’s Daniel Bryan, it’s Seth Rollins, it’s Dean Ambrose, it’s William Regal, all these people deeply respected by every every fan.

    Let’s be clear. I’m not trashing you for now being a Pro Wrestling expert. But you presenting this ignorant rant as “a Wrestling fan” really enfuriates me.

    Now, you are free to consider this as an angry rant from a buthurt fanboy. And, but if you want a more poise and relevant speech about the Art of Pro Wrestling, here is Mike Quackenbush talking about it. You probably never heard of him, but he was maybe the best technical wrestler of this time. He founded Chikara Pro and here, in just five minutes, he explains the passion and the art of Pro Wrestling. And it’s beautiful.

    • I will consider it a hypocritical bullshit rant from a person who’s head is apparently shoved so far up Vince McMahon’s ass he’s incapable of producing an original thought of his own.

      With this video E-Rod has given us an in-depth look at Lucha Underground and displayed his actual passion for that promotion. Sure he’s also shown that he strongly dislikes WWE but given the main brand’s lack of strong characters at the moment, lack of good storytelling, lack of good booking and the fact that most of the roster is pretty much irrelevant at the moment and the ones who aren’t (New Day, Kevin Owens) aren’t the top guys at the moment who can blame him?

      You on the other hand name drop a bunch of indy feds, one Japanese fed and reveal Prince Puma’s real name then expect us to act like some learned sage because you have information that anybody who did a ten minute search on Wikipedia could’ve discovered. Oh and posted a video from a guy who put his own promotion out of work for a year for a shitty storyline. You possess only the most superficial knowledge of the product but think you “know the business” because you watch WWE.

      So, maybe E-Rod isn’t a wrestling expert but then he’s not claiming to be and for that matter, neither am I. He just claims to be a fan who’s really fond of Lucha Underground and this video proves that. You on the other hand are a douche who comes in shitting on his work in an attempt to make himself look smarter and more knowledgeable then he actually is and that’s what infuriates me.

      Kindly crawl back under your rock and cease your pathetic trolling.

    • The Almighty Foust

      Oh hi, Smark.

    • I wish there was a down-vote button.

      You come off as a smark and a know it all. Fuck off.

    • He said fan. As in someone who enjoys wrestling. Not expert, which is what you seemed to take away from what he said.

      • Acetylsalicilique

        No, I hear fan, and “fan” is a term that I like to associate with positivity. When someone’s main arguement to show that something is good is talking trash about something else, it makes it sound positive or good to me. I love Lucha Underground, but throughout this video, all I could hear was “Hey, WWE is shit, Lucha Underground does this much better : *inaccurate example*”.

        I just don’t understand why people feel obligated to disrespect other Wrestling styles when they talk about the one they like. I love John Cena and I love Zack Sabre jr. It’s possible !

  9. Glad to see someone like Lucha Underground as much as I do. I can’t wait for season 2. I hate that not everyone gets to see it but thank to the internet I was able to watch nearly all of the first season. I hope promotions like this pull people away from lack luster products like WWE and pushes them to smaller promotions where it’s more entertaining.

  10. I’d actually love to see you do videos on various Lucha Underground wrestlers E-Rod. I’m sure it would be very informative.

    Also, you mentioned that Aero Star, Fenix and Drago are some of your favorite wrestlers in Lucha Underground. You might want to check out a show called King of Trios 2015 by CHIKARA. Aero Star, Fenix and Drago were Team AAA and they won the whole thing.

    • Why would you spoil it? Why not just tell him to check it out… seems kinda dumb to plug a tournament and then spoil the whole thing.

      While we are at it.

      E-Rod should also check out the Lucha Libre World Cup which had plenty of great Lucha action.

      • Because it’s not really spoiling when the event happened several months ago? Because knowing his favorites won doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not going to buy the show anyway and certainly doesn’t mean he’d not enjoy watching them do so?

        I mean, wrestling shows were spoiled all the time for me when I was a kid but that didn’t stop me from buying them on tape so I could watch them.

  11. Women mixing it up with men does remind me about japanese wrestling were we can see matches like Tajiri vs Kana (Asuka in WWE) and it’s big reason why I respect actually good women wrestlers. Most of those so called WWE Divas in they main roster don’t count as those. WWE tends to still treat they women wrestlers eye candy first and wrestlers second. Only with NXT they have some actually good once that they allow actually wrestler but that’s pretty much Triple H’s project and he was wrestler unlike his father-in-law who has no idea what he’s doing.

  12. Okay, but consider this: A MMA tournament for charity where all the fighters are dressed as super-heroes. This includes a random dead-pool that comes in to interrupt matches.

  13. Well hello art references.

  14. Yo E-Rod if you want to check out more badass female wrestlers check this out:

  15. @8:51 Holy Crap he was just break dancing on that guys shoulders!!

  16. I’ve never even seriously considered watching wrestling before but I might want to check this out now I just have to find it.

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