Lucky 6: The Night Show

The Night show has a very special guest tonight…

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"Another Damn Review Show" - Paul sits down and reviews movies, tv, and whatever else he feels like in literally Another Damn Review Show, because fuck you, you'll watch it.

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"The Amazing Spider-Blog" - Our friendly neighborhood Spider-man started his very own video blog series.

"Kill Count" - How many kills has your favorite movie character racked up? Find out with Kill Count.

"Films In Five Seconds" - Your favorite films boiled down to their most pure form.

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3 Comments on "Lucky 6: The Night Show"


Great video Lucky 6, although it was a little shorter than I expected. I like how the twist of the video comes in the middle rather than the end like in a lot of your previous videos since it sets up the tone for the rest of the video.

I do enjoy a lot of the more dark and demented stuff you guys do and been missing you guys posting here on a regular basis. Then again, you can’t rush quality. 🙂


Yay! Another Lucky 6 video! I am so happy when I see your videos pop up on the website!

This one I could tell one of the twist in the story coming up by the sound of the audience cheering and applause, but didn’t expect the second part of the twist that came after it. Then again you guys seem to love either more if darker and maddening types of stories or stories of struggles and sadness or even stories in the realms of science fiction or the supernatural, so I should known better.

I cannot wait until your next film! 😀


Wow, I felt sorry for the surgeon 🙁