Lucy, Take Off All Your Clothes – Weekly Manga Recap

Red Sprite comes to an end, Black Clover’s light novel is -still- really important, and Lucy needs to take off all of her clothes for some reason.

RWBY ch. 14 – 6:24

Black Clover ch. 88 – 12:18

The Promised Neverland ch. 17 – 28:06

My Hero Academia ch. 117 – 40:14

Fairy Tail ch. 512 – 52:06

Ole Golazo ch. 1 – 1:03:18

Food Wars ch. 193 – 1:19:22

Red Sprite ch. 14 – 1:32:52

One Piece ch. 847 – 1:39:53

Weekly MVPs – 1:52:52

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Neo Ultra Mike
I admit I have a personal bias on this one as I sent in that Itunes comment sort of read at 1:56:20. I say sort of as mine was longer and pointed out how I’ve been a fan of Chris since binge listening to a bunch of Transmission Awesome in 2010 and I still feel he’s the best Channel Awesome related podcaster on this site… Okay there’s like 5 other podcasts (Yomarz is trying to start one and we’ve got Rap Critic/Mues and Omega/Diamanda Hagan and most of Shaun K’s stuff is podcast) but I still really enjoy it though… Read more »