Lucy, Take Off All Your Clothes – Weekly Manga Recap

Red Sprite comes to an end, Black Clover’s light novel is -still- really important, and Lucy needs to take off all of her clothes for some reason.

RWBY ch. 14 – 6:24

Black Clover ch. 88 – 12:18

The Promised Neverland ch. 17 – 28:06

My Hero Academia ch. 117 – 40:14

Fairy Tail ch. 512 – 52:06

Ole Golazo ch. 1 – 1:03:18

Food Wars ch. 193 – 1:19:22

Red Sprite ch. 14 – 1:32:52

One Piece ch. 847 – 1:39:53

Weekly MVPs – 1:52:52

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  1. I admit I have a personal bias on this one as I sent in that Itunes comment sort of read at 1:56:20. I say sort of as mine was longer and pointed out how I’ve been a fan of Chris since binge listening to a bunch of Transmission Awesome in 2010 and I still feel he’s the best Channel Awesome related podcaster on this site… Okay there’s like 5 other podcasts (Yomarz is trying to start one and we’ve got Rap Critic/Mues and Omega/Diamanda Hagan and most of Shaun K’s stuff is podcast) but I still really enjoy it though as also said in the review wish the two would do more funny voices or update the episodes more quickly after they were recorded on Wednesday. Though for the later this episode at least points out the reason why in Chris’s more erratic sleep schedule making it harder for him to find the energy to do so which I hope is something he does get the equipment and boost needed to not be dragged down by it in the future.

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