Luke Cage – Honest Review

The Hero for Hire finally gets his due, SWEET CHRISTMAS!

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  1. Personally I wasn’t a fan of the switch from Cottonmouth to Diamondback because, well…I thought Diamondback was kind of a shit villain. There’s no depth to him, its just the weird OTT lunacy all the time. And even stranger is that in earlier episodes, it was mentioned that one of the reasons Diamondback was going to step in and start taking control from Cottonmouth was that Cottonmouth was getting too obsessed with Luke Cage. And then we see Diamondback and “obsessed with Luke Cage” is basically his only characterisation.
    Cottonmouth was complex, someone from a gangster family who really didn’t like his gangster past and was trying to make himself more legitimate, but was just too used to the gangster way of getting what he wanted to ever really move on. Diamondback was just jealous that his dad liked Luke Cage more. Bleh.
    I think it would have worked if they’d done it the other way round. Have Diamondback first, have him be one of Cottonmouth’s enforcers or something, and keep the single minded focus on wrecking Luke Cage. Then when he’s done bring in Cottonmouth, who takes the approach of “well I can’t hurt you, but I can blow up all your friends’ stuff” as he does in the show. And in protecting those around him Luke gets to build his reputation back up again, becoming the same symbol he becomes in the show

    • I agree. The 1st half of this was excellent. Cottonmouth was a really compelling character. I actually like the switch with him being murdered but i expected Mariah to take over that could also be as complex. Diamondback was really a run of the mill psycho with a convoluted family thing with Cage. Also the last episodes fell into very typical clichés that went for too long. Like the whole ¨Frame the good guy¨ and the whole ¨Hero or Villain¨ thing, that was also explored on the 1st season of Daredevil without really adding anything more here. Also too often at the end people were just failing their assassination attempts for stupid reasons, like talking too much instead of shooting.

  2. If I one day get Netflix, I might check this out.

  3. First half of the series was fantastic, second half was great, but the last episode made me actually shout at my screen in frustration: it felt like they took every wrong decision possible!
    Besides that and some other flaws (f.ex. Cottonmouth being a much better villain than Diamondback) I thought it was an amazing series (possibly the best of the Marvel Netflix so far) that I would definitely recommend to anyone.
    Can’t wait for Iron Fist and The Defenders!

  4. My favorite moment is when Misty and Raphael are talking about superheroes along with Method Man and Bullet Proof love


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