Luke Cage: Season 1 – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Luke Cage Season 1.

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  1. I’m so torn on whether I want to see this show or not. On one hand, I like silly but I don’t like the 70’s overall. I sometimes don’t like character studies but sometimes I do. I love jazz but I don’t like hip hop. Plus, I’m still pissed off at Netflix for not picking up Agent Carter. Maybe I’ll check this out one day. Oh, and I’ve never seen any of the other Netflix Marvel shows so I really don’t know.

  2. I enjoyed the series quite a bit, until the last episode completely ruined it: plot was rubbish and so many of the characters did really stupid things just because the plot demanded it. I know they need to set up a second season, but this sloppy writing really let the series down.
    The series has a lot of good to offer, especially the performances and the soundtrack, so I would advise anyone to watch it, however stop after episode 12.

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