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How did Fury Road maybe nearly look?

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  1. Huh. I assumed this would be some type of TP porno version.

    I would probably go with the washed out version, but slightly less so, and with color highlights.

  2. Its hard to say, I like the washed out version and so much symbolism can be represented with the wash out look to the movie, but then, I think it would ruin the sand storm scene with the flashing lights and I felt that scene was good with bright colors that made it stood out.

    But overall for the entirety of the movie, I would say washed out.

  3. I wouldn’t much care for the washed out look myself. The reason is that so many movies these days tends to do the same to the point where it seems filmmakers are afraid to use colour anymore. It’s all just “take away the colour, take away the colour, take away the colour” that it would have just left Fury Road as just another visually drained title to add to the already long list. Even if this might add a certain additional thematic level to the movie.

    Then again, this may just be because I love films that are visually bold, and it was nice to see a film that wasn’t like so many others colourwise. And in that way it does make the whole thing feel more like the extravagant balls-to-the-wall rock opera that the movie is. But that’s just my preference.

    The black-and-white is interesting as an experiment, but not much beyond that. Particularly as the other Max movies are in colour, so it would just be kind of confusing and perhaps a bit too much like “tries to be like a Bergman film” for its own good.

  4. The desaturated look just makes Mad Max look like Call of Duty. The old WW2 one, specifically. I’m really sick and tired of that look, personally, especially with every movie trying to be Sin City. Colour exists for a reason. Intentionally not using it doesn’t make a movie better, it just makes it look dull.

  5. The full, vibrant color version, obviously. It looks so much prettier than the gritty or monochromatic versions.

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