Mahoromatic 1-4 – SF Debris

A combat android is nearing the end of its operational life and gets to live the life she wants, so she chooses to become a made for an orphan boy. Also, breasts. Lots and lots of breasts.

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  1. i don’t want to spoil it but there was a slight change in shift toward the last episode of this anime otherwise it was pretty funny for me

  2. There’s a slight mistake in the description”so she chooses to become a “made” for an orphan boy.”

  3. Oh Japan… never change.

  4. Bad Touch: the anime.

  5. TragicGuineaPig

    2:23 – “I curse you to forever walk the face of the earth without your brains as ordinary mortals. Better yet, you will live in Wisconsin where you will work in a cheese factory… AND BE RAGING PACKERS FANS!” “GO PACKERS!” “PACKERS, WHOOOO!”

  6. ManWithGoodTaste

    Become a made.

    A made.

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