Making of Nostalgia Critic – Cats and Dogs

Doug and Tamara decide to name their creepy couple, Uncle Lies and Aunt Deceit! See what else happened behind the scenes.

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  1. I hope he keeps working in the ‘hot dogs’ joke in all of the reviews this year!

  2. uncle lies and aunt decit! that´s perfect!

  3. Heh, the video starts on a Liquid Blue shirt. Those were amazing. Good quality too. (You can still buy some stuff from ’em too.)

  4. SwedishMovieNerd523

    I’d be funny if you ever managed to have a big family reunion in one episode where uncle Lies and aunt Deceit came over for a visit (together with their son Fraud) xD .

  5. This came out sooner than I thought it would. So Uncle Lies and Aunt Decit is canon, right? Also, 2:02 to 2:11 made me LOL. When I grew up, the dial up computer was just starting to go out of style.

  6. Though I’m 99% sure, that Uncle Lies is a reborn ThatGuyWithTheGlasses like how the Critic was Donny

  7. The one thing that I hate about pre-internet was having to use encyclopedias for school reports.
    I wonder what ever happened to the stupid guy who was pitching the “Encyclopedia Brittanica”.
    “My computer doesn’t help me with my school work.”
    Ah, those were the days.
    Doug should do a “Where Are They Now” for this guy; like he did with Zack the Lego Maniac.

    5:43 I remember in the final years of Blockbuster they would actually put the adult films right next to the other films.
    I would see “Spider-Babe” right next to “Spider-Man”.
    I think I just gave Brad an upcoming review.

  8. The Mysterious M

    I didn’t realize the Hot Dogs joke until now. Oh god!

  9. Why wasn’t this listed on the front page? It isn’t even listed on your Facebook page! I only found this by looking at your other videos. Tamara is so funny. Of course you did an editorial on the Mask! Is this video that old?

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