Making of Nostalgia Critic: Conquest of the Commercials

How creepy can we be while filming innocent kids’ commercials?

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  1. Creepy Dad Doug is still creepy behind the scenes!

  2. Every time Tamara dresses as a young boy, I wonder why the Nostalgia Critic crew, with all the stuff they have for costuming, have not sprung for a decent binder.

    • They’re pretty painful unless you have itty bitty boobs. Tamara seems more….”gifted” than me so the discomfort might not be worth it. It’s also hard to shout and scream if something is squeezing your chest

      • I have trans and cosplayer friends with significant boobage (D or E cups) who bind. It’s only painful if the binder is the wrong size for you (or so they tell me after having some difficulty finding the right binder).

      • Re: the shouting and screaming…………….ehhh yeah very good point. One of the aforementioned D cup friends is a flautist and before he got his top surgery, he didn’t like to play while binding.

  3. First Bedtime Barbie, next Dakimura Barbie.

  4. It’s weird to me to hear a t’ai chi or Tae Kwon Do uniform being referred to as a “gi”, which is Doug’s dad was right in using for karate because the word “gi” Japanese…but t’ai chi is Chinese and TKD is Korean. When I started TKD when I was 8, a couple of my fellow students started calling our uniforms “gis” and our instructor made sure we said the Korean term (도복, pronounced “dobok”) instead. So I’m a 3rd degree black belt now and still prefer that my students say “dobok”. Yeah okay, I’m kind of a hardass, but that sort of comes with the territory.

    I know the current lineup of Barbie sisters in chronological order, oldest to youngest: Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Chelsea. I know this because I was on scholastic bowl in high school and there was a pop culture question on the subject. The answer is now burned into my brain. Forever.

    Who was it who was operating the camera? She sounded EXACTLY like Garnet!! Okay, I know the credits gave her name, but how is she involved with the Critic Crew?

  5. There’s a Puerto Rican Barbie. 😀 That Barbie scene is somehow creepier without the music. LOL. Also, what’s with the NC crew and religion? They seem to have a chip?

  6. I heard anthrocon? 😀 Who’s on the camera?

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