Man of Steel 2 In Development? – AJ’s Reaction

OMG! Woo!! If you are a Superman Fan Rejoice along with me! My thoughts on a Man of Steel 2 being green lighted.

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  1. While I don’t think MoS2 will be as bad as BvS and Suicide Squad, my hopes for it actually being decent aren’t very high right now.

    Fooled me twice, DC.

  2. Joe, what do you think about this name for directing MoS2…………. Marc Webb.

  3. Hey! I didn’t hear about this until now. Maybe the DCEU is starting to get it right. Although, I still haven’t formed my opinions on Suicide Squad due to not seeing it. I might see it this weekend. But again, I don’t think Zack Snyder is the problem. He’s directing the DCEU movies well. It’s the writing from what I can tell.

  4. Well, for me Man of Steel was one of the worst scripted superhero movies I’ve ever seen in my life, with no question to me the worst handling Superman’s character possible. So a sequel, after BvS was somehow even worse than that? I’m not seeing a positive here. I’m just hoping that David S Goyer gets kicked out of the writers meeting, and Zack Snider is left far away from the director’s chair of this.

  5. Honestly, after Man of Steel I’m pretty much done with DC movies. The grim, realistic take on these characters just does not work for me.

  6. look out here comes, Man of Steel 2: Superman kills more people. I have not hope for this, did someone at DC or the WB get hit with a curse or something, because they seem INCAPABLE of making a even an OK superhero movie.

  7. I have been waiting for a video like this from Angry Joe ever since I heard we were going to get a MoS 2 movie.

  8. flameboyR120Vallic

    I don’t know if the Man of Steel 2 is going to be good or bad. usually sequels take a good or a bad turn, most the time bad. either the writers or directors forget what made the first movie good or they use the same formula and it doesn’t work out. but hey it could go either way good or bad.

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