March Awesomeness: Iron Fist/Tangled BEA – UG

Shaun takes a look at two of the newest TV series to roll out of the Disney machine. One he adores. The other bores. Guess which is which.

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I don’t have much to say this time around because A. I’ve never seen Tangled all the way through so the TV movie and show don’t interest me. & B. I don’t have Netflix even though Iron Fist is something that kinda interests me. A good chunk of the audience seemed to enjoy it on opening day. Plus, I actually respect Netflix for sticking with a white guy. They had to know they’d get flack for it today in 2017. 🙄


Someone on Twitter suggested they do a show where a young Chinese girl is lost in Texas, and returns to China years later with amazing lasso and gunslinging skills.


going to be honest starfall, but I would watch the hell out of that show, it sounds amazing


Iron Fist was so bad and I hate what the did to the hand.Hand was to be super strong and yet we get very weak Hand vs daredevil Hand that was very strong.The should has skip Iron Fist and with to the defenders because if the save all the best part of the hand for the defenders why created Iron Fist give us a shit hand.