Marvel Comics #1 – AT4W

The honorable ruler of the seas… and his constant attempts to murder humanity!

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  1. Why is Namor blue? Really, no review next month? That’s really soul crushing. So that’s how you pronounce mariner. I thought it was Marina-er. I’m bad with that.

    • It’s actually worse then that. In some panels Namor is blue, in other panels he’s green and in still other panels he’s his normal skin colour. It’s like the colorist had no idea what Namor was supposed to look like.

    • The Real Silverstar

      “Really, no review next month? That’s really soul crushing.”

      He’s only taking a week off; the next review will be in 2 weeks. Anyway, the guy works hard, he deserves a break. Frankly, I’m amazed at producers who put something up every week; it must be exhausting. But hey, you can always just watch one of Linkara’s previous videos; the internet is where you make your own reruns.

    • the blue skin looks like its supposed to just be an “everything is underwater” effect

  2. Ah, yes. Another November, another line of reviews on first appearances of classic comic book superheroes. It’s also a month where 2 powerhouse comic book movies (one from Marvel and one from DC) come to theaters. Man, it’s great being a nerd.

    “Detective Comic Comics.” (Insert clip of the Nostalgia Critic saying “Redundant much redundant?”)

    I do not picture Namor and the type of water based superhero that says stuff like “I dig it.” or “My man.” Sorry, I’m just so hyped to see the Justice League movie next week.

    “Go now to the land of the white people!” Jeez, Namor’s mom is kinda racist.

    • “Go now to the land of the white people!” Jeez, Namor’s mom is kinda racist.

      Well duh!

      Of course the irony is that Namor himself is half-white (or land-human I guess) which helps lay the groundwork for his anti-hero status. Born from two adversarial worlds who had were once barely aware of each other, his anti-social nature may stem thus not really fitting in anywhere.

      In other words, he was probably the earliest model of something the Marvel Universe would be largely known for that most comic books at the time were not. The superpower being prone to identity criss.

  3. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. So seems like way he was in Ultimate Universe ins’t that far off considering this origin.

  5. 11:21 At least he wasn’t like that last salesman, who showed up around midnight and tried to sell me a chainsaw.

  6. If Namor was against black man, this comic would now be illegal

  7. YES! YESSSSSSS! A NAMOR REVIEW! I’ve been waiting for this, as he is my favorite comic book character…

  8. Of course he started out as a villain- if your underwater race didn’t come from Atlantis the only other option is Innsmouth!

    On a random note I wanted to thank you for doing that review of the Babylon 5 comic a while back. I never would have taken an interest in the show, but now I’m really enjoying it.

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