Marvel Spotlight #12-13 & Batman #341-342 – LOTD

Linkara takes a look at Marvel Spotlight #12-13 – The Son of Satan, and he origin of the devil’s son and a ghost story with Batman #341-342 with today’s Longbox of the Damned episodes.

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6 Comments on "Marvel Spotlight #12-13 & Batman #341-342 – LOTD"

Axel Nexi

heads up,the batman video doesn’t load on screenwave,good old 404
youtube is fine though


I’m also getting a 404 on the second video. May want to check and see if it URL got messed up or if the upload went bad.


the concept sounds like blue exorcist. di the guy who made blue exorcist rip this off?


What a disturbing idea and it came from Marvel, too! O.O It makes sense that it is from Ghost Rider though. He wasn’t as scary as I thought he would be. He looks like an evil Aquaman. The heck?! LOL.


Why did the second one replay? These are both pretty different. I don’t know why they’re together. I like Manbat in this story. I saw these on two separate days. Wait, I always do that.