Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite – Angry Review

AngryJoe teams up with Heroes from Marvel & Capcom to Review the latest in the MvC Franchise, how does it measure up? Find out!

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  1. Don’t make fun of Sigma. He is awesome villain from Megaman X that seems like Joe haven’t played.

  2. Is it me, or is this game making the same mistakes as Soul Caliber V? Dull story, no arcade endings and especially not bringing back all the characters we love… Seriously, how could not enough people know who the X-Men were? Millions of people know Wolverine, yet that Arthur guy somehow is more recognizable?

    First censoring SFV in the most insulting way, then releasing it bare boned (doesn’t matter if the DLV was free or not, you never release an incomplete game), and now this… Capcom is going the way of Konami it seems.

    • The Real Silverstar

      The lack of X-Men has zilch to do with notoriety; 20th Century Fox owns the movie rights to them, the Fantastic Four and Deadpool, and Marvel doesn’t want to give Fox any free publicity since those movies do nothing to line their pockets. The mutants in this game are just the latest casualties of the ongoing pissing contest between Marvel and Fox.

    • SFV was not “censored.” Capcom cannot “censor” their own game. Capcom chose to alter some Mika/Cammy animations, which makes it their choice, their art. No “censorship” involved; just whiny male gamers being whiny.

  3. I was expecting an 8 for this. O.O Then again, I’m a casual gamer and maybe that’s why this game appeals to me.

  4. Other Joe looks secksay in that Chun-Li outfit! <3

  5. Mechanically, the game is amazing, possibly the best of the MvC series, no joke. Aesthetically, it sucks, and that matters even to tourney goers. Joe’s wrong about hardcore fans: they’re eating up the game, partly because of said great mechanics, possibly because of Capcom loyalty.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ cannot land soon enough, though. It’s an ArcSys game, so it *will* play better, and it already looks, sounds, and feels better overall even at this early hour.

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