Marvel’s Inhumans – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Geno see the IMAX screening of the first 2 episodes of Inhumans.

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  1. I’m already juggling too many shows, including Agents of SHIELD and so I’ll probably have to skip this show. Agents of SHIELD has been talking about Inhumans for the past season or so but I don’t think they’ve been talking about THESE Inhumans. Lastly, I’m pretty sure the Inhumans show will only have 8 episodes, starting on September 22nd.

  2. The Real Silverstar

    Let’s face it: the ONLY reason anybody at Marvel cares about The Inhumans is because they can’t wrangle the rights to the X-Men away from Fox. Pernletter (sp?) is trying desperately to make the Inhumans the new mutants in order to compensate for not being able to use those characters. (Marvel comics tried to make the Inhumans the new X-Men in the comics as well, and no one was buying it.) Kevin Feige didn’t think Inhumans was worth his time, which is why it’s not a movie, and in addition to being poor substitutes for mutants since Inhumans are nothing like them, the basic problem with trying to do a live-action adaptation of The Inhumans is that like most of Jack Kirby’s creations, they’re very much rooted in wild, visually striking fantasy and require a lot of imaginative costumes, special effects backgrounds, so they just don’t work in a grounded setting on a limited budget. Inhumans might have worked as a cartoon, but not in live-action.

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