Mass Effect: Andromeda – Angry Review

Hey guys sorry about the Vlog Review! This wont be a regular thing, back to current format next review! We wanted to get out our Opinion & Review for Mass Effect 4 as soon as possible and cancelled our original plans for a few costumed skits!

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  1. I knew that Other Joe’s wonky eyes were coming but it was still hilarious. I’m not a Mass Effect fan but I feel sorry for that fandom with the whole graphics and glitches thing.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    9:35 – “I WAS FROZEN… TODAY!”

  3. Glitches for me thus far have been rather small in number, three to be precise. First was a random line suddenly not being voiced. The second was one enemy that was stuck in a wall. Finally I had my scanner stop working, any time I would bring it up it would immediately exit scanning mode, though that was fixed by restarting the game. Not good by any means, but hardly worth making a huge fuss over. I didn’t buy it immediately, though, as I fully anticipated a lot of bugs at launch, so perhaps a lot of the them were patched already.

  4. I’ve never played a Mass Effect game, but people classify them as RPGs, and this looks like a cover shooter (like Gears of War meets Destiny or other Halo clone) with the obligatory crafting and base building stuff they shoehorn into every game right now until the next bloated budget AAA trend.

    • You are aware that combat system is mostly irrelevant for role-play? There are different reasons why this game become less and less RPG then previous ones.

      • I think people toss the term “Role Playing Game” around way too loosely, or we need to redefine the genre with a better name.

        I have nothing against cover shooters or action adventure games (like Zelda and Dark souls)…but they aint’ the same genre as Persona, Divinity:OS, or Shadowrun: Returns.

  5. Also, on the topic of Bioware, they are in their post EA slow, steady, systematic decline. Thankfully, they were a really big studio with a lot of clout when EA bought them, but even with the best of them, the EA factor grinds them down. First, trimming all interesting niche games, then slowly sucking the joy out of the mainstay series.

    • Yes, EA is clearly a franchise killer and after happened with Maxis I literally put cross on everyone obtained by them.

      • Maxis, Origin Systems, Bioware, Bullfrog, WestWood Studios…

        So many great franchises now a shell of their former selves. It’s not 100% for certain that they would still be around today and still great if EA hadn’t bought them, but we know a pattern when we see one for sure.

  6. The Angarians you complain about around the 18 minute mark actually look quite a bit like most of the Zora NPCs from Breath of the Wild, just with more wrinkly skin.

  7. Those eyes… the ones that haunt my dreams….

  8. Liam’s Loyalty mission was great though. With the pirates? It’s like they brought in a different writer just for that mission.

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