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Oh! Oh! I know what the V word is! I figured it out, you guys!

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    In this age – Post-Buffy, Post-Blade, and Post-Twilight – for a vampire to be a compelling monster again, it’s going to have to be something other than a vampire.

    I did see an anime show called Ghost Hunt that had a story arc that very well could have been that kind of thing: it was a ghost of a rich man that had tried to retain his youth and life by consuming human blood (in much the same way as Elizabeth Bathory). After his death, he became a powerful demonic ghost that continued to haunt his old estate, occasionally taking living victims into a pocket dimension to consume them. While the story never actually used the term “vampire”, I couldn’t help but feel that the story really was a highly creepy vampire story. I really think it’s a great way you could do a vampire story but without all the negative cultural baggage of what vampires have become.

    • To be honest first use of that cliche (vampire with soul) was in movie Interview with the Vampire from 94. Some people even contribute it to downfall of vampire popularity later as movie maker start making them wusses, though it is not that you cant do it in proper way.. just acknowledged show could did it (excluding Twilight saga what is other story).

      And how make vampires in decent way? Well.. ironically making them as they were in original lore, just in smart way. Because to be clear 99% of vampires in Hollywood are bad Dracula rip off’s.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        That wasn’t really what I was going for. I was talking about making vampires into demonic monsters again, something so cruel and wicked that you can’t sympathize with them. Like a bloodthirsty psychopath that somehow manages to survive beyond the grave. Like Uncle Frank from Hellraiser.

        I kind of get the idea that’s what Stoker meant for Vlad Tepes in his story, that his immense cruelty, lust for blood, and dabbling with forces beyond his comprehension are what made him into the monster.

        • But I don’t disagree. I just point out the reasons. Also you can make sympathetic vampire, just when they also are the monsters (like mentioned Interview with the Vampire). The issue is that most move makers become simply lazy and make them humans witch superpowers and that is just boring if not some weird masochistic teen romance (Twilight).

          But back to the Stoker, my point was that he oversimplify the concept and even if he popularized idea, people too casually copy-paste stuff from his books like he is some definitive source. That is why I usually find more interesting vampire stories in anime. Though you are also correct.. many traditional traits of vampires were invented by Hollywood, but my point was that the issue with why vampires are boring is because they copy those same cliches not because they really are boring if someone would bother to dig into they real lore.

          PS: Only good recent movie about them I know is The Strain.. and maybe REC (guess what is common factor).

      • TragicGuineaPig

        Also, in Stoker, the Count wasn’t vulnerable TO sunlight, but rather vulnerable IN sunlight; it weakened him slightly, but couldn’t kill him. Oh, well. At least he didn’t sparkle.

        • In general vampirism is a curse, not like in Hollywood movies a sickness. So in general vampires, mares and werewolf (because it is this same curse) are vulnerable to holly like: specific plants (aspen, garlic, aconite), metals like silver, sun and fire or consecrated objects like crosses and holly water.

          Many aspects of vampire lore is in fact justified if you know some stuff about traditions. For example vampire need to be invited because that allow him pass the magic barier, but it doesn’t make a sense on modern setting. Main reason why people use silver weapon against werewolves was because they were alive, and such they need to be physically hurted and material just diminish regenerative ability of the curse, but you could use any weapon overall.

          On the other hand vampires were reanimated corpses so direct damage wasn’t enough to stop them (resistance to the weapon like in case of zombies), but they rely on the curse to move so using strong remedia could seriously weakened them and help reveal localization of they real body as they usually rely on illusions (that is why they didn’t have reflections or in other cases you would see that you talk to corpse.. though in theory smart vampire could trick also that). As for aspen page it was basically cheap and fast solution, you could as well use silver dagger, dismember or burn the body. Anyway if you know how those tradition work it start making more sense and give new interesting possibility. Also yes.. sun didn’t kill vampires, it only weekend them.

  2. I assume you’re going to see the Castlevania series

  3. I don’t know if you’ve thought about reviewing “Ultraviolet” – not the Film Series, but the 1998 UK TV Show ( It’s an attempt at portraying vampires in the modern world and is full of 90s Anti-heroes. Well, I say vampires – the show was studious in never using the “V-word”, although they were creatures of the night that were killed by sunlight, didn’t show up in mirrors and fed on blood. It was pretty gripping (IMO), although let down somewhat by the ending.

  4. After all that V word aliteration you and you didn’t go for the V for Vendetta joke? Good for you.

  5. Forget the movie – I wanna know about your t-shirt!
    Who are all those vampires? I only recognised a few: the Bela Lugosi Dracula, Nosferatu, The Count (of Sesame Street), possibly Spike and Elvira.

    Is there any reason given why the only uncovered body in the funeral home just happened to be the one they came to see? Or why he had an autopsy for a car accident? (Testing for drugs / alcohol, maybe?)

  6. Vampires were never my thing. I never heard of this movie. Lesbian vampires again? Reminds me of the Z word. That’s a term for zombies. Every letter has its own word, I guess.

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