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Yup, time for another head trip down Insanity Boulevard.

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  1. @00:10 This is going to be one of those ones where I’m going to need a drink to get rid of the nightmare fuel insist it? Grabs bottle of gin and bottle tonic.

  2. I probably shouldn’t be eating either but screw it…

  3. “Babbling insane!” – Did you intend that one? Of course you did! It’s too obvious for it to not be intentional.

    “Prince Nuts.” – Maybe he’s the Artist Formerly Known As Nuts?

  4. So good! Did you tell the foreign guy in the beginning what the text he’s reading meant? He made a warning on sexual assault and child abuse sound like the narrated intro to a cheesy action flick. Genius! Mmmmuah!

  5. wow you are getting more and more risky with these reviews. Maybe I should stop calling you Wuss… maybe.

  6. Yeah, I tried to watch this series back in the day. Couldn’t make it through it, heh.

  7. Now I am just imagining how fucked up it would be if Navi was a total pedo towards Link when you play him as a boy in Ocarina of Time….

  8. Ah, you mean “Maze Megaburst Space.” Why don’t you call it by its full name?

    And by god, that dub is awful. “Big Sister-Brother” is originally “”Onee-nii-sama,” which not only sounds better, but makes more sense. Coincidentally, this is also how Hazumu gets referred to in “Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl.”

    • Um…not to be pedantic, but those are semantically equivalent. English just doesn’t work in the same way as Japanese so I’m not sure what else they could have possibly translated that to. However, this doesn’t seem like a good dub so I’ll give you that.

      This series looks interesting, but hard to follow, and I don’t like animes with a lot of forced nudity either. That fairy does seem like one who should be kept away from children though. Granted, she’s not only with a kid, but one who’s completely naked in front of her and passed out, and she’s not getting arrested and sent to a fairy-sized prison. I don’t think she could do better than that, though perhaps she should be turned in for the sake of all children, and her adult companions too.

  9. thatchickwithlonghair


    This show is a total guilty pleasure for me. Ridiculous 90s cheese at its finest. The OVA has some pretty bad taste in material….but at the same time I laughed my ass off at a lot of the jokes. I loved to annoy a friend with this anime by repeating Princess Mill’s “Ukyuu!” to which he’d respond “F*ck you!” because it rhymed and we’d go back and forth like that for several minutes. XD That was fun.

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