Mega Man 8 – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about his memories of Megaman 8 for the PS1 and Saturn! Was the style a bit too different than the previous games? Also, Jump, Jump, Slide, Slide.

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  1. Ah yeah, I’ve been waiting for this!

    I remember playing this at a friend’s and we were both LAUGHING on how terrible the voice acting was. I would have preferred the cast from the Megaman cartoon far over the amateur cast they chose for this game to save money.

    As for the challenge, this game was definitely tough for the wrong reasons like the damn jump jump slide slide sled parts, uuugghhhh! I also hated Astro Man’s level as well.

    At least Wily was super difficult in this game compared to 7.

    Looking forward to your videos on the rest of the games.

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