Mega Man (NES): Part 1 – Battle Geek Plus

The BGP crew plays through Megaman on the NES. Will they defeat the first 3 Robot Masters or will they be cut, crushed, and electrocuted? Part 1 of 3.

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  1. Was this posted because Mighty No. 9 was delayed?

    • We were going to do Mighty No. 9 for the show today and have it uploaded here in 2 weeks, but obviously, that won’t happen right now. We will do Mighty No. 9……. whenever it comes out.

      – Ryan

      • Yeah, it’s a shame. I backed about $60 into the Kickstarter and you probably know how disappointed I am.

        I’m acually surprised you start off with Cut Man and Guts Man first. I always started with Bomb Man and then went to Guts Man since it’s easier to kill him with the bombs and pause trick. Also, since these are in parts, will you a actually be finishing the game?

        and LOL at JChrist. I couldn’t believe I never put Josh’s first and last name together. He is evil Jesus after all!

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