Mega Man X (SNES) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan talks about his memories about Megaman X on the SNES which puts our fabled Blue Bomber in a new hardcore futuristic setting. How does it compare to the originals? Find out here!

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  1. Mega Man X is probably my favourite game of all time and I beat it at least once a year. It’s actually a new years tradition for me that I must beat Mega Man X on new years eve since I beat it for the first time on that day.

    I agree that it’s pretty much a perfect game, the fast gameplay, music and balanced challenge is just right. The only thing is that the game is almost to easy for me these days but that’s because I have beaten it more than 20 times.

    Great game, great video 🙂

  2. Ahhh yeah, now we’re talking about the good stuff!

    I was a sophomore in high school when this game came out and I remember spending my hard earned McDonalds cashier money at Toys R Us. I also remember beating the game incredibly fast in 2-3 days like you did, but I replayed the hell out of it and still have my original box, cart, and instructions at my parent’s place.

    You’re right about this being the epitome of a perfect game. My only gripe is that it’s way too easy, but can still be challenging for newer players. I just wish the rest of the X games were this polished and high quality like this one.

    You’re gonna talk about my username pretty soon. Eh? 😉

  3. Indeed, one of the finest games the 16-bit generation had to offer.

  4. The only real issue is the player doesn’t begin with the dash. The appeal of the MegaMan format is you can play the first eight stages in any order you want, and while this game is no different it does make NOT going after Chill Penguin first something of a bad idea (this is the stage that gets you the dash).

    Even if you don’t mind fighting Chill Penguin first, there’s still a problem with not having the dash by default. This would be that the level designs of the other seven Mavericks are compromised in the sense that each MUST be clearable WITHOUT the dash upgrade (no super long chasms or difficult enemy placement or anything that would require a dash/dash-jump to clear).

    Not having a dash by default doesn’t make MegaMan X a bad game, but it does make it the least among X games.

  5. My grandmother bought me the game for Christmas since I rented it all the time when I was a kid. Ever since she passed away, I kept that game and never sold it.

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