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Ryan talks about Megaman X2, the sequel to the blockbuster hit. Does it surpass the original like Megaman 2 did on the NES, or does it fall short of it’s predcessor?

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  1. I was super excited for this game to come out and I was already old enough to drive to my local Toys R Us in 1995 and get my copy which I still have complete in box and in great condition at my parent’s house. I can’t believe how much it’s gone up in price!

    Part of me believed for a time that this game was better than part 1 but after repeated playthroughs, the first title was far superior for the mentions you reasoned especially since MMX1 had so much polish and X2 couldn’t exactly replicate that. I still enjoy X2 but it’s still in the shadow of part 1.

    I can’t wait for the next part because it’s going to be about ME!!!! XD

  2. I felt that MM X2 was a little better than X1 since the colors showed more, the difficulty was harder, the music was just abotu as cool as the first one, but the mavericks gave me hell. Especially the X Hunters. Zero’s reutnr made me feel joyful but Sigma’s battle got me pissed! XD

  3. I think this is my fav of the snes mega man X games. The title of best in the series however, would have to go to X4 on the ps1 in my humble opinion.

  4. I played it waaay back in 1996 (it had been out for a long while when I rented it) and I thought the songs were completely forgettable, the stages weren’t too great. It felt like Capcom was on auto-pilot. Short version: MMX was THE best.

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