Mega Man X5 Review (PSX) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews and talks about Megaman X5 for the PS1 which has the fated fight: X vs. Zero and Sigma reveals himself in the beginning. Was this truly meant to be final Mega Man X game in the series? Or did it deserve even more sequels?

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  1. Yeah this game’s alright, certainly not as good as X4 though. I remember the shadow devil boss being insanely hard. It’s one of those bosses that only shows its weak point for a fleeting moment and if you miss your opportunity you’re stuck dodging it’s entire attack sequence again with nothing to show for it. Definitely rage quit while trying to beat that damn thing.

  2. X5 is audacious in a lot of ways, sometimes to great effect (the Sigma/Wily stages), sometimes not (Duff McWhalen’s slog of a stage).

    The random nature of getting the endings sucks: you can fire on the space station immediately after the intro stage and have a chance at destroying it (which I’ve had happen, locking me out of the Evil Zero route), or beat every stage and had both attempts fail (locking you out of the good ending).

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