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Ryan reviews Megaman X6 for the PS1. Did this sequel really need to be made even though Keiji Inafune meant for X5 to be the final game after what happened to X and Zero? Does this game do a good job of continuing the Mega Man X legacy as the final X game for the PSX?

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  1. I mother fucking love this game! Out of all the games, I love this one the most! The music, the songs, the characters, the color, the story, the armor…OH LORD THIS GAME MADE ME LOVE MEGA MAN X EVEN MORE! THE CHALLENGE WAS BEYOND! I EVEN GOT MY COPY OF THE GAME FROM MOVIE GALLERY! SORRY FOR ALL CAPS….But OMG! I love it so!

  2. This game is a lot like Mighty No. 9: moments of brilliance in a sea of mediocrity. There’s truly some gems, but they are in one hell of a quagmire.

    Some of the segments of Metal Shark Player’s stage are amazing, the good type of challenging: hard, but fair. Same with Wolfgang’s stage. Heatnix’s stage has that one vertical downward segment in between the first and second Ourobourous mid-bosses that makes you think this was supposed to be a much more ambitious stage.

    Zero’s new sprite in this game is super cool, as is the Shadow X Armor. The zombie Sigma at the end is also neat.

    That’s… about it for positives.

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