Mega Man X7 Review (PS2) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews and talks about Megaman X7 for the PS2. Is this game really as bad as everyone is saying? Yes it is.

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  1. The gameplay switching from 2D to 3D was alright but complicated, Axl was useful and great, but hated by fans. I don’t know why, He deserves a chance. The controls are the same, except dashing while jumping on the walls. The difficulty was almost unfair bu the soundtrack was fun to listen to. I rented this game from blockbuster, then after beating it in 3 days, I bought it. Yeah the game is not perfect, but for stepping into 3D, it was fun, but challenging. Like every Mega Man X game, I like a challenge.

    I even have the Axl action figure as well as X, Zero and Vile.

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