Mega Man Zero Review (GBA, DS) – Awesome Video Game Memories

Ryan reviews Mega Man Zero for the GBA and the DS. After Zero awakens from his long slumber, he awakens in a world where X has turned evil and Zero must team up with a young scientist named Ciel and form a resistance against X. How does Zero’s first solo adventure fare on the Gameboy Advance?

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  1. Agreed, Zero’s original design is the best.

    And yeah, I’ve beaten most of the original MM and MMX games, but the Zero series stands out in my memory as even more difficult than most of those games, frustratingly so.

    It’s been ages since I’ve played any of the handheld mega men’s but I recall preferring MM ZX over Zero. Probably because it was a little more forgiving in the difficulty department:P

    • Still I hope you finish this series because generally it is one of best in this franchise. As for the rest.. de gustibus non est disputandum. I personally consider it as the best Magaman games ever made.

  2. 1:34 What fan-theories? This game explain why Zero have new design as this game take place hundred years after X series. Hell, I normally wouldn’t do that but in those circumstances I literally need spoil that you literally fight with own old body at one point, because it was stolen during upgrade procedure.

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