Megadeth: Risk – Regretting the Past

Yeah, they took a risk. An awkward, embarrassing, boring risk.

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  1. Loved it :3 Saw it a few days ago when it was first uploaded to youtube, loving this series and it keeps getting better πŸ™‚

  2. Been subbed to Rocked! on YT since shortly after I found you. Same ID here as on my YT page πŸ™‚

    Great vid, but you need to find another joke other than comparing a song to “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (yeah, comment synchronicity too).

  3. sdfsdfsdfgsfhwe

    Dave RUINS this band. I’ve never been into them because of his awful voice.
    He just comes across like a pussy.

  4. Who do you mean by “The Big Four”? Metallica, Pantera, Iron Maiden and Megadeth? What about Motorhead? What about AC/DC?

    • The Big Four of Thrash; Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer

      • Sub-Genres are strange and Maiden/Motorhead both had huge influences on those bands while being easily bigger than all but Metallica.

        And I realise that Pantera are now supposedly something called “Groove Metal” whatever that’s supposed to be but back in the 80s/90s they were the main rivals to Metallica’s Crown in Thrash!

        Bands change over time and Metallica haven’t truly been a Thrash band since pre The Black Album!

        • ThroughtonsHeir

          Exodus aays were Kings of US thrash the 80s, and in the 2000s they did better than all the Big Four combined = “Tempo of the Dead”

        • Iron Maiden and MotΓΆrhead were both part of the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal” which preceded Thrash Metal and, as you said, heavily influenced it.

          Pantera was mostly a Glam Metal band up until the 90s, they didn’t start going in a heavier direction until around the same time Metallica was moving away from it. The “Big Four” mostly refers to the bands who did the most to popularize Thrash Metal in the 80s.

          AC/DC aren’t really a Metal band at all, they’re more Hard Rock.

  5. Breadline is indefensible. Risk is an album we don’t talk about among my friends. The best track on this album is one you didn’t review as it’s only on the Japanese edition – the Duke Nukem theme πŸ˜‰

  6. That was a really good discussion. Seriously, it’s a topic that needs to be discussed and it’s nice to see it handled with the maturity it deserves.

  7. The Cartoon Physicist

    I actually don’t mind Risk. It’s not like it’s St Anger, it’s just an album exploring a different sub-genre. Yeah, of course I like the other albums more, but I don’t hate this one. Of course I’m glad better ones came afterwards, but still.

  8. Chicken Puppet

    That’s the first Megadeth album you ever hear? Oh you poor young man!

    For me it was their godly 1990 “Rust in Peace” album. For me and my buddies it was the greatest guitar work this side of Iron maiden, but it was fast and heavy too. That was Megadeth at their peak. With their very raw and punk inspired early albums behind them, “Rust in Peace” was polished and focused, but the band were still young, hungry and pissed off.

    I think they probably had their most commercial success and the most respect with Countdown to Extinction, but it was mostly downhill from there with the notable exception of some solid tracks on “Youthanasia”…but after that I sort of checked out from Megadeth.

  9. Hey! I’ve been loving your videos from the beginning of you joining CA, my youtube is Lilly Charlotte Tvedt btw. anyway, my favorite videos are unfortunatly for you Regretting the Past though I watch all your vids… (excluding interviews with bands I don’t care about honestly.) I’m trying to get by with starting up a video series myself which I will not plug here, not even with the first πŸ˜›

    I am a dedicated metalhead from Norway who feels your pain on this album, I had friend who LOVED the Crush’em video and even said it was his favorite Megadeth song… this one and another one I honestly don’t even remember the for… it was as bland and boring as Crush’em, I showed him Symphony of Destruction and says this is Megadeth, and he pushed Crush’em and that other drowzy shit on me EVERYTIME the band came up,.

    My first Megadeth album was “Peace Sells…. But Who’s Buying”, though I found love for the band in other albums honestly. Though my first Metallica album was “Garage Inc.” sooo…. yeah.

    I can’t afford to be a patreon sponsor though I wish I could, always wanted to see your thoughts on Cradle of Filth – Thornography which dissapointed some people to say the least…. I enjoyed the album though, but it wasn’t very…. Cradle if you get me.

    I never heard all of Risk, but recognised most of the songs where I wondered why Megadeth was so big whenever I heard them… anyway cheers to you brother and stay Rocked!

    • ThroughtonsHeir

      Rust in Peace.
      It’s that album that made them so big. For song quality.
      Best album made by one of the Big Four.
      I cannot name 1 Metallica album better than Rust in Peace for pure thrash metal, sorry,
      even among those that preceded the Black Album.
      Slayer has the most intense thrash metal ong those, but they didn’t compose the way ‘Rust in Peace’ is composed.

  10. I never got into Megadeath when I was into Metal (if I was going to listin to Thrash Metal I’d listin to Slayer). appreintly the follow up to Risk The World Needs A Hero was pretty bad as well at least from people I know who listined to it.

    • ThroughtonsHeir

      World needs a Hero was at least a couple songs better than Risk. And had more metal. Though it wasn’t as thrashy as “The System has failed”, it at least had decent results with its ballads
      “Promise” has a great vocal line, “1000 Times Goodbye” is a standard number too,but we can surely say that
      “Return to Hangar” and the gem “Dread and the Fugitive Mind” are still worth hearing from “World needs a hero”.

  11. You know, Risk is a very sad album because it COULD have been a big success. If Megadeth had borrowed from different rock styles instead of largely abandoning their thrash sound, they could have enhanced the suspense and build up and expanded their horizons as a band. Like, Prince of Darkness starts off with that slow, droning goth vibe, and if they had led from that (minus the groans) to sudden, ridiculous thrash it would have been killer. Risk’s problem is that it’s waaaaay too much lead up with no real payoff for the majority of songs.

    Also, is it just me or does the album sound a bit glam metal-y? Which I get if you want to make a more sing-along friendly ballad album… it’s just that Megadeth doesn’t have that bit quite figured out yet…

  12. Another excellent review from Rocked! Never much into Metal, but from the cursory knowledge I have of Megadeath this sounds like one to skip of I ever do get into them. Very boring sound.

  13. ExplosionWard6

    Won’t lie, I’ll jam to “Insomnia.” It’s subpar to the rest of Dave’s work, but it’s the lone bright spot on the album. At least Dave & co. learned from their miss-step and started moving back in the right direction afterwords.

  14. I really hope you do a RTP for a pre-90s album at some point. I feel like you’ve said most of what you can say about bad post-grunge/nu-metal/pop punk, and it would be nice to hear about another style and period of time in rock. In a previous video you slammed the band Poison, so maybe you could do an episode on them?

    • That’s a good idea.

      Juuust slipping in would be Testament “Souls of Black”. (89-90 I think) Not exactly a bad album, but woefully underdeveloped and poorly produced. Their next album, “The Ritual” was kind of like a do-over where the generic tracks like “Absence of Light” were replaced by more memorable ones like “Electric Crown”, and the decent tracks like “the Legacy” were expanded on into works of sheer genius like “The Ritual” and “Return to Serenity”. Also, the production is so much better and no longer sounds like it was recorded on a handheld tape recorder in a coffee can, you can once again hear the bass and rhythm guitar as separate entities.

      Also, right around that time: Iron Maiden’s “No prayer for the Dying”. I consider this the end of Maiden’s golden age (1982 Number of the Beast -1988 Seventh Son) with an album that seems immature and dumb in comparison to their usual prog/classical approach. Instead of Alexander the Great and Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner, we got “Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter”. Fear of the Dark and Brave New World were better, but Iron maiden would never go back to those days of making the most epic British metal.

    • ThroughtonsHeir

      he culd slam Celtic Frost for their glam metal sellout πŸ˜›

  15. loremastersdaughter

    I’ve always loved rock & roll, metal, & alt rock but since it hasn’t been on the radio lately, I’ve lost touch with a lot of bands outside of the few I got rec’d from Todd in the Shadows’s best of the year lists. Then Nash featured Rock on Radio Dead Air and I decided to check you out! So glad I did πŸ˜€ I hope to be a Patreon soon!

  16. Yeesh. I’m thinking that crush ’em would fit right as a dishonorable mention in Sage’s Top Ten Worst Songs (By Otherwise Good Artists)
    Speaking of Regretting the Past– Staind’s 14 Shades of Grey would fit right in.

    Ps. Did anyone else get a forbidden error when they tried to tie their youtube account to their account (contact details section) in the forum here?

  17. While I do like Prince of Darkness, the album is pretty bland. I expect something more heavy from those guys. Anyways, pretty fun video, man.

    • ThroughtonsHeir

      I agree on ‘Prince of Darkness’ being the best song of the album.
      Cryptic Writings features 3 heavy songs heavier than all Metallica and Megadeth did in the 90s, with exception of the legendary “Rust in Peace” for Dave, “The Disintegrators”, “Vortex”, “FFF”…
      but he hit a dry spell on Risk.
      Well there is some prog rock intenions that would have been worth developping (Time Beginning/End), but I agree with you in that only ”Prince’ stands the actual test of time.

  18. Man, I’m not even a metalhead and I’m just cringing. Sorry to those who are, this release must’ve been seriously awful for you guys.

    • ThroughtonsHeir

      tried to live with that Stockholm syndrome for a couple monts when it came out…
      and by luck I ended up hearing about System of a Down, Death (Chuck Schuldiner) and Devin Townsend soon after ”Risk” was released and it helped break the fandom i had for Megadeth.
      Which was actually the ”first band” I enjoyed and they made me buy music,
      and this simple fandom grew into a true love of metal instead of liking a couple bands only.
      In hindsight, the failure of “Risk” might have helped me be less biased about Mustaine.
      accepting he was not a genius composer in metal.

  19. On one hand, I’d love to see you cover more punk rock…on the other hand, it seems like every time I listen to a metal fan talk about punk, I get angry because they don’t get it. So keep doing what you’re doing!

    • ThroughtonsHeir

      Bad Religion, Cigar, NOFX, LagWagon, Choke, Propagandhi, 88 Finger Louie, Face to Face…
      so much punk genius that can be enjoyable for metalheads \m/

      • Bad Religion is a good “crossover” band, same with NOFX, Rancid, and classic Misfits.

        I think for me and many other metalheads you need that “crossover” band because there are some competing philosophies between punk and metal. A lot of metal is based around the artistry, mood creation, and technical skill of the artist, especially when it comes to guitar. Punk often shuns the technical trappings and focuses on clever writing and stripped down raw emotional energy.

        Listening to Motorhead and the Misfits teased my interest in Punk because they still had their metal bona-fides in Lemmy and Danzig, but Bad Religion and NOFX proved to me that punk was more then three chords and snarky vocals.

  20. ThroughtonsHeir

    Exodus are the Kings of 80s american thrash metal, stading just above the Big Four of Bay Area Thrash,
    listening to what Exodus does to this day, and since ”Tempo of the Dead” in 2003 = they wipe out Metallica, Megadeth and Antrax for pure thrash, and only Slayer from those 4 can contend to have done anything remotely close as far as intensity goes.

    “The Disintegrators” on Cryptic Writings was the heaviest song post Rust in Peace in Dave’s catalog… and he went to destroy it on the rematered edition of the CD (black cover)…
    Risk… was exactly that and as a rock album it still is more interesting than the rock Metallica did in my opinion.

    My favorite thrash bands nowadays though are Vektor, Dew-Scented, Revocation and The Crown (“DeathRace King” is more thrash than death metal), even though they all tend to go towards death/thrash or prog thrash. Still a genre that keeps its roots in modern formations.

  21. Rad review as always. I wonder if any albums from the 80s will ever be on here?

  22. I’m A big fan keep up the work!

  23. I have a request! How about one of the terrible Queensryche albums? We got Q2K, Operation: Mindcrime II, American Soldier, Take Cover, and Dedicated to Chaos. Take your pick! πŸ˜€

    (Man, am I glad the boys booted Tate in 2012–the last two albums have been a tremendous breath of fresh air.)

  24. Great review! I am new to your channel but am excited to have found a channel that reviews music of this genre. I just subscribed to your channel. Looking forward to more videos πŸ™‚

  25. So I totally came here because of the contest, but I love finding new creators on Channel Awesome and this vid rocked! Haha get it? Rocked? Ha. Gold. Comedy gold.

  26. It was literally butt rock

  27. I actually think a few of those songs on this album were not too bad, at least the snippets you featured sounded good i think. I think that opinion made this comment stand out now. I love your videos, I know little about the rock nd metal scene despite being a an of the genre, but I hope to take lessons from you on what is good and not. Any chance we can get a few more European bands featured over American?

  28. This was my first taste I really got of Megadeth so at first i wondered why people liked them so much haha

  29. Oh Megadeth, how hard you fell.

    Keep up the good work mate.

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