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With 2017 still fresh in the box, Anime Abandon dives into the frustratingly flawed Metropolis. New year, same old Sage.

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  1. Too bad no Marduk Black Metal jokes 🙁

  2. This one is kind of nostalgic for me as it came out in theatres when I was in high school, at a time when I was just getting into anime. I went on a date to see it with girl who turned out to be my first relationship that lasted more than a few weeks. I don’t remember much of the film beyond some rather impressive visuals, and thinking the creators of megaman must’ve been highly influenced by Osamu Tezuka’s character designs.

  3. “All the funding and attention any anime could ask for.”
    15 million dollars? Technically anything over Army of Darkness’s budget was luxurious in those days, but that still wasn’t a lot. Thankfully, in this movie’s case.

  4. I remember when this movie came out in my hometown, It was released In Japanese with Subtitles at a local bar my dad snuck me in because he wanted to see it too. I respect the Review and agree with a lot that is said, but those damn memories and rose tinted glasses keep me smiling every time I watch this movie.

  5. Is anime abandon ever going to cover any of the Gundam shows?

  6. This film definitely needs a guy in a blue suit with a red cape beating up a bald guy.

  7. From what i understand of that movie i somehow think John Galt would not side with eighter group, Galt would not approve of Doom’S Day weapons eighter, All he is about is free market

  8. First Mega Man related joke I ever saw. Woo!

  9. I never seem to find myself on par with Otomo’s screenwriting. Anything he’s involved with has fantastic visuals with political stories hard to care about.

  10. I saw Metropolis once years ago. I left the movie not entirely sure what the hell had happened at any point throughout its runtime. Seeing the plot synopsis now, I don’t remember almost any of it other than the boy and the girl. Man that movie is a mess.

  11. I liked this movie. I think from a critical standpoint is a like Little Nemo, kinda messy in regards to editing and story flow, but ambitious, creative and beautiful. Also unlike american animation movies the themes are more heavy despite being underused and I didn’t mind a kid character, that’s also more and more family movies and games fear to use because either no one can write good kid characters, make them useful, are insensitive or plainly just dislike them. *shrugs*

  12. Actually I’m reasonably sure Atlas here is another instance of “The Star System” because he looks like the Astro Boy Robot of the same name- since he looks vaguely like a combination of the 60s Cartoon version and the 2003 Revision of him. Vaguely being the key term mostly based on the fact his hair kinda has the dumb pig tail things that he does in the 60s Cartoon.

  13. Great to see this review. I saw this back in my heydays of anime. So long ago, I remember the visuals and music more than the actual mess of a plot(s). There’s good stuff in this that could have been organized and fleshed out into a meaningful film. The characters, especially the bad guys were lacking so much it’s disappointing.

  14. Actually Sage, John Galt would be on the side of the rebels, or did you miss the fact that the government built a doomsday weapon in Atlas shrugged? Of course rather than fighting them with force he would be fighting them through entropy instead.

  15. I understand your criticism but this was probably your weakest review yet

    You didn’t really give this that hard of a time, you just nitpicked the plot holes that are obvious to everyone, regardless this movie is still enjoyable to watch

  16. A great review. And a plessure to delve into this old piece. I always remember it as a gorgeous work, just a bit slow and confusing. The one thing Bennett gets a bit wrong is the Nazi references. They are there for a reason and are in fact topical.Remember the source materials were notcreated in the era of “Godwin”. They were created in the era that saw this stuff rising up. This wasn’t some over the top “Nazi” fantasy. This was the world between the wars dropped into a SF story. In much the same way that Fritz Langs was.

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