Mickey by Toni Basil – One Hit Wonderland

A song so fine to blow your mind.

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  1. On the subject of songs about groceries, anyone remember Gudda Gudda?

  2. Man, the follow-up’s giving me flashbacks to Wordy Rappinghood. -_-

  3. Mickey is one of those songs where all I can hear is Weird Al’s parody version.

    Also, I loved music videos in the 80’s. Everyone was just experimenting all over the place. It’s what made them so awesome.

  4. Great, now I can’t get Shopping From A to Z, out of my head.

  5. Oh fuck off, Todd. This song is awesome.

  6. Well, I always heard that she only released Mickey to showcase her choreography, I think the Shopping A to Z was definitely just there to choreograph. Ignoring the words and just watching the dancing, I’d say that it’s actually a better example of her work.

    And I agree that she didn’t deserve better. She did absolutely great. I really don’t know what more she could have done short of starring in movie musicals.

    Can’t agree with you about the song, though. Maybe it’s just that I have fond memories of leaping and twirling to it as a kid.

    • The Movie Explorer

      It was part of a video album she released to get more gigs choreographing other music hits. I think when “Mickey” became a fluke hit single, she said, “well, I didn’t intend to ACTUALLY START A SINGING CAREER! Better nip this in the bud!” and deliberately released the stupidest, most ridiculous thing in her repertoire as the follow-up to act as the proverbial pillow to the face.

      Incidentally, I do actually own the “Shoppin’ From A to Z” 7″ single, and the package is amazingly cool; actually made to look like an old-school brown paper shopping bag.

  7. What’s the song that starts up right after Todd says “1982!” The super-synthy thing. I know I’ve heard it, but sans chorus (or any vocals), I’m lost.

  8. I agree with the grocery song. It sounds like something from kindergarten. Also think you may cover Video Killed the Radio Star?

  9. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Like MogwaiBrody69 said “,f off Todd” your still an awesome man who has a great taste in music and one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen but I like this so g you don’t and that’s all I have to say about that plus I agree on the grocery shopping song.

    But gonna go on a tangent so cover: i hate it when they advertise beats pills there just trying to advertise the product im sure I k ow but it happens in mostly every one!!!

  10. We can safely say Mickey is the best of the two Cheerleader songs: I liked Mickey 🙂

    Oh sweetie, cheerleading is not your fortae

    3:57 I knew you couldn’t resist; fanboyness trumps all. I’d have done the same thing 🙂

    4:36 saw that when I was like 8: my love of all that’s 80’s started right there (thank you MTV for making the 80’s possible)

    12:59 me too. Also this song sounds good. And all the dancing in all the video is insanely amazing (even the A-Z one; that pointe work is crazy!!!)

    13;18 aggggggh!!!! Not this movie!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

    Cheerleading fiction is something I will never understand and the Bring it on franchise is probably all the reasons why

    Did Toni Basil influence a whole generation of pop women singers? So weird…

    There is a New Wave music video I can’t find; a young lady singer in a gym while this big guy tries to work out but she keeps messing him up. If ANYONE knows this song, speak!!

    Great video: how come you don’t do anymore videos on a certain year anymore? If you do decide to do another, please do 2004; it’s so weird

  11. Yeah I’m not entirely convinced that Shopping A to Z *wasn’t* supposed to be a song that Toni Basil wrote for some record company that produces albums meant for pre-schoolers. Because it definitely sounds like something you would throw on when you wanted to teach them the alphabet, while also teaching them about the supermarket – what it does, the basics of how it works (eg. “This is a supermarket. Mommies and Daddies come here to buy the food that you eat. There are all kinds of food you can buy at the supermarket. You can even sometimes buy other things here too!”), the proper way to act when they go there with their family… you get the idea.

    I’m going to go against the assholes telling Todd to fuck off (because really, that doesn’t make you look better), and just say that while I agree that Mickey is a rather annoying song, I still enjoy listening to it and consider it a guilty pleasure. It is a better song than Shake It Off though. Of course I attribute that to Toni Basil being way more likable that Taylor Swift.

  12. The fascination with cheerleaders endures.

    “Hollaback Girl”.

    Just sayin’.

  13. About the zippers at the grocery store…yes, I have seen zippers sold at the grocery store along side loose buttons, sewing kits, and eye glass repair kits. Sometimes people have wardrobe malfunctions while out and about. My opinion on that is if your zipper broke it’s time to use a safety pin to hold your pants closed until you can get home and fix it…or go to Walmart and buy a new pair of pants or sweatpants and change in the restroom.

  14. My Little Red Book was written by Hal David and Burt Bacharach. From the movie Whats New Pussycat, performed by Manfred Mann. Covered by LOVE and considered a garage classic.

  15. Um, Barry Manilow is awesome, okay. Unlike anyone discovered after 1979. I’ll never understand why when people pick on music they pick on one of the most talented men in the business instead of the tone deaf trash we’ve got now.

    When I think one hit wonders I think of the ones from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, not the 80s.

  16. If the music video for this song was made nowadays those cheerleaders would be 20 pounds lighter.

  17. I love Mickey . It’s so cheesy and I LOVE cheese. 😀 I had no idea that it was a cover though. O.O Oh, and I was laughing at that failed follow up. LOL. I might check out more Toni Basil since I love odd stuff as well. 😀

  18. My favorite Toni Basil song is still ‘The Night’ from her role in the movie Rockula.

  19. Hearing this song again reminds me of how blasted OLD I am (I was 7 when this song dropped).

  20. That song might have worked… had it been for Sesame Street.

    • How could you say that about Sesame Street 😉

    • For all the famous or soon-to-be famous people who have been involved with Sesame Street in one way or another over the years, I’m amazed she didn’t just pitch it to them as a sketch. Or maybe she did and they said no, but at that point you should probably take it as a sign that it’s not meant to be. I mean, we’d certainly be better off if getting turned down by Sesame Street had killed Katy Perry’s career, amirite?

      • True, very true; but then what would become of poor old Todd. He’d be heartbroken…in a weird sort of way.

        Besides she’s been doing no one harm lately; she hasn’t done anything since 2013.

  21. I can’t believe that you left out that this version of the song inspired one of the funniest Weird Al parodies ever! Hey Rickie!

  22. MasterOfTheDittos

    “Pump Up The Jam” By: Technotronic
    I made an account 5 minutes ago to suggest this!

  23. I always loved this song myself.

  24. Fun
    Its good when cheerleaders did not had shorts in it
    Why do you have these weak ponpons
    The song is ok nothing terrible it can be fun
    Her A-Z song is better then the wife song that you showed

  25. Good stuff. This was one of my favorite one-hit wonders of the 80s. Or ever, really.

    Not sure where one-hit wonder suggestions go, but I have a few:

    Takin’ A Ride (Don Felder)
    Jukebox (The Flirts)
    Rock & Roll Party (Axe)
    In A Big Country (Big Country)
    Too Shy (Kajagoogoo)
    Living In A Box (Living In A Box)
    Rock Steady (The Whispers)
    Soul City (Partland Bros)
    Gonna Make You Sweat (C&C Music Factory)
    Wannabe (Spice Girls)

  26. Yo Tod,

    Interesting vid. I’m not all the way through but had to hit you up with a comment. Just a little info, if you will.


    Ahem….sorry for yelling, but it gets me a bit peeved when someone, that purports to be more informed then the average music fans makes that, moronic, statement, about that song. I mean, it’s 2016, by now, one would think, everyone knows that “Don’t worry, Be happy” was a satirical song, basically taking a poke at the very songs you, seem, to think it was. Mr. Mcferrin, in fact, got so upset that no one got it, that he refuses to do the song and backed off from making mainstream songs, because EVERYONE missed the point.

    I mean, by this point, you would think someone, like you, would know this and have stopped referring to the song as a pointless pop song with no message. But, then, I guess I figured wrong.

    So, for future vids, where you want to make this point of 80’s songs, please leave Mr. McFerrin’s song off the list.

  27. Tony Ciccariello

    This song, it just impales itself in your head and the video nailed it there forever. Good review

  28. Tony Ciccariello

    a fact, the record company wanted to release it without the Clapping until one of the executives daughters said “you have to keep the claps in” to her father and the clapping stayed in

  29. I’ve always hated “Mickey” (and still do), but man, “Shopping from A to Z” and that nugget about Devo writing three songs on her album definitely put her in a new context for me, and I appreciate that. I actually kind of love how “A to Z” devolves (LOL) from mind-numbing stupidity to gleeful absurdity. Well, I loved it the first time, at least. I can’t imagine it would hold up to repeated play.

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