Midnight Screenings: 90 Minutes in Heaven and The Visit

Brad tells Irving about his M. Night screening of The Visit, and the two check out 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Heaven is for realer.

Brad tells Irving all about his M. Night Screening “The Visit.”

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  1. Damn…another fucking religious movie?

  2. If you see The Visit, either go to a super early showing on a weekday when all the tweens are in school, or go really late at night when they’re less likely to be out. I got stuck in a theater full of ’em and there was so. much. screaming. It was really distracting. That said, I liked the movie a lot.

  3. So the creepy/scary stuff are all the parts shown in the trailer.

  4. Like it or not, religious movies are popular enough for regular releases. Hollywood used to make Biblical films all the time. These newer ones are just inspirational dramas instead of costume epics. The trailer for Risen (2016), the resurrection story told from the Roman point of view, kinda reminds me of The Robe (1953) starring Richard Burton. Midnight showings are going to be empty since the audience for these films go during the day. I saw War Room today, thinking the audience would be small since it’s been out for a while, but the theater was fairly full and they all loved it.

    As far as The Visit, I kinda hope M. Night Shyamalan does well again. Sixth Sense was such a hit and it’s just sad he became everyone’s punchline. Maybe doing lower budget films could help him start over. Though, I think After Earth was more Will and Jaden Smith’s fault that his.

  5. I’ve already seen reviews for The Visit but no one ever reviews religious movies and I don’t know why. I always have to come back to you guys for them. LOL. I respect your thoroughness. 😀 I didn’t hear about 90 Minutes in Heaven at all until I saw it listed in today’s newspaper. Wait, Hayden Christensen is in this? Que?! I haven’t seen him since Jumper which I liked. Some sections of Christianity don’t believe that everyone will go to heaven. Some believe that there is heaven and then there is resurrection on earth. Oh, also, I Hope You Dance was recorded in 1999 and it was released in 2000.

  6. The only redhead (with a photo) on the IMDb page claims she’s an Angel.

  7. I don’t understand the love people are having for The Visit. It is Paranormal Activity with no paranormal activity. An hour of creepy things all seen in the trailer (Grandma running around naked, crawling, Grandpa acting funny). So, 60 minutes of seeing what we’ve already seen. While everyone tells the main characters that we shouldn’t be concerned, but we know they should be because it’s a horror film and we’ve seen this all before so a twist must be coming. Then, the twist comes, and it is decent, but the film is over. It has about 35 minutes of material stretched out with a lot of nothing happening for an hour and a half.

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