Midnight Screenings: Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas

Enjoy Christmas, mother fucker, or St Nick is going to beat the shit out of you!

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  1. Whether he knows it or not Kirk Cameron is clearly being used to make Christians appear ridiculous to non believers, and lead astray those who listen to him. If the Creator of the universe was close friends with a famous person, they would be making AMAZING films.

    If you like bizarre religious films, I made a film version of the Book of Mormon which is about shapeshifting space lizards, featuring viewer interaction. I’m not sure if it would be as entertaining as this film, but if you want to check it out…

  2. I’m pretty sure hot chocolate was invented either by the Maya or the Aztecs.

  3. My grandfather was racist an idiotic stereotype is ignorant but not racist . Unless it is fueled by hatred .

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