Midnight Screenings: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation and Vacation

Brad and Sarah check out the new Mission Impossible film, plus the Vacation reboot.

Brad and Sarah finish out their week at the movies with the new Mission: Impossible film.

Vacation, all we never wanted.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying the Brad and Sarah show. That’s actually the a main reason of why I’ve been watching these videos again. I only saw the last Mission Impossible movie. I’ll see the rest of this review when I’ve seen this movie. Although, why do people think that Tom Cruise is gay? I don’t see it but that might be because I have a crush on him. LOL. Rock of Ages was just odd. I like the soundtrack and Tom Cruise and even some of the rock outfits on the girls but besides that, ugh.

    I hadn’t realized that this was a remake/sequel thingy but I’ve never seen any of the Vacation movies and I HATE R-rated comedies. I might see Point Break because I’ve never seen of the original. Heck, until I started to hear people talk about the original, I didn’t know that Point Break was a remake. I have NEVER heard of Point Break. Also, I don’t like Seth Rogan so I won’t be seeing any of his future movies (unless he’s paired with someone I like).

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good thing I didn’t see the vacation movie(it looked ok from the preview to me but guess I should have hated it once I saw them smear poop over themselves). But i think they will probably still make another if this one bombs. The masterminds plot sounds interesting but I’ll have to see the trailer for it to make sure).

    I’ll totally also see wet hot American summer and I’m glad I don’t have to see ghost protocol since rogue nations explains it for me. I think I’ll go see rogue nations tomorrow since my dad said he’d take me to see a movie but I’ll probably watch mission impossible 1 and 3 after I see the movie cause I’ll be on the Internet all day today. But the fantastic four movie is probably gonna be bad(although the new trailer did look interesting and cool but not for me).

  3. why did they stop using Blip?

  4. Absolutely loved Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. The set pieces were all really well done, the plot was just clever enough without being too convoluted and it had a nice throwback feel to it while still being a modern thriller. The Vienna opera house fight in the rafters with Turandot in progress on the stage below was pure class.

  5. John Green? As in Mental Floss John Green? What the heck was he doing there? Anyhow, if you’ve seen his YouTube shows, that bit about thanking the people in the credits and “Don’t forget to be awesome” is kind of his catch-phrase. He says it on every video.

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