Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Season 1 – HOPR

Now on youtube, Linkara re-recorded and re-edited the first History of Power Rangers video, now with stuff he neglected to talk about before!

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  1. Sorry that you were forced to re edit all your previous HOPR I know that must have added a lot to your work load on top of the regular show and any other projects your doing.

  2. When Power Rangers was new, was it common knowledge in America that it used footage from a Japanese show? Because I’m pretty sure that wasn’t known in the UK, we thought it was just a straightforward American show.

    • I can say that I had no idea it was using footage from a Japanese show. But then, I was also like four years old when it came out, so my mental faculties weren’t quite developed enough to be able to figure it out without being told.

    • It was common knowledge among a certain crowd, but not amongst the kids who watched it.

    • I didn’t find out until i was in college. I hadn’t watched the show since i was ten or twelve or whenever, and when wikipedia first came along, i was browsing random articles and saw the PR article which mentioned the thing with the Japanese footage.

  3. First time you had mentioned kamen rider, that I had heard anyway. Not sure what your problem is with that, considering it has jackshit all to do with power rangers. I mean you can just skip the movie and specials that have crossovers with sentai if it upsets you that bad. But if you’d rather watch shit like kamen rider dragon knight, ok. There again you’re getting paid for this so whatever.

    Of course, you mention toei getting your videos shut down. So I’d assume that would leave a chip on your shoulder about anything they make, including kamen rider and sentai. Honestly, you reasons for hating sentai and kamen rider(which is still the impression I get) is based on pure nostalgia for power rangers. You see sentai as the wannabe ripoff, and anything connected to it(including kamen rider and it’s long, LONG history) is damned too I guess. Very stupid and petty, especially considering the toei and marvel connection in sentai’s early years. But to each their own. I mean, I do find annoying when listening to crap PR reviewers on youtube that can’t shut up about sentai for 2 minutes. Problem with is the opposite side of the spectrum, where you don’t want to mention it even if it makes sense. But whatever, your choice.

    • Oh, goodie, I tell you to tone down your attitude over on my site’s comment section, so you go to Channel Awesome to make up BS conspiracy theories about my attitude concerning sentai.

      The “chip on my shoulder” is only that they felt the need to give me two copyright strikes over a series completely unrelated to anything to do with them and if they were actually bothered by it, to just monetize the videos (which is what I do when people upload my stuff without my permission), which severely hampered my ability to make money off of *MY* videos that I wrote, recorded, and edited, but that is neither here nor there.

      No this is about you, nejiblue, and your seeming contempt for History of Power Rangers and assuming that I hate sentai. I don’t understand why you can’t simply take it at my word that I’m just not interested in it. I mention it plenty – when it’s actually relevant to talk about. And, in fact, these re-edits are mentioning it more BECAUSE of its relevance. I don’t even understand where the hell you came to the conclusion that I see sentai “as a wannabe ripoff” seeing not only as I have NEVER said such a thing, but also that it lacks any kind of common sense seeing as how the damn shows work. I mentioned Kamen Rider in this one because this video combines not only the original first season video, but the introduction video I made at the time of initial release back in 2010, wherein I anticipated people asking, “What’s your opinion on Kamen Rider?” Spoilers: I still get that question regardless. I included Kamen Rider Dragon Knight for the Patreon milestone because it, like Masked Rider, VR Troopers, and Beetleborgs, is an American tokusatsu show that uses Japanese footage mixed with American footage. The only exceptions to that rule of using Japanese footage for a future review are Mystic Knights of Tira Na Nog and Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters, but that’s only because they owe their existence to Power Rangers.

      Point being: I don’t hate them and I’m not sure what YOUR problem is, exactly.

  4. Not only does he not hate the Super Sentai, he’s reviewed a part of Zyuranger and said he’d be okay with finishing out the storyline there.

    Also, I may have found the what I’m going to support on Patreon with Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters. No one remembers that show. I watched it when PR was on repeats.

  5. The color/race thing seems a little too much to be just coincidence. I did some searching and found a video where they guy who played the black ranger said that nobody noticed until the new actress for the yellow ranger showed up, but then he started talking about how hip hop was a prerequisite for his character audition.

    I also found a Reddit thread that was admittedly cherry-picking several other examples (like comparing the colors to flag colors), but it does seem like an oddly large amount of points to be completely coincidental.

  6. At first I was confused but then I read the description.

  7. Excellent video Linkara, cool to see you cover new material for these earlier rangers seasons, glad you were able to get these up on youtube, sorry you had to deal with that copyright claim nonsense ):

    I do have two minor nitpicks though, to each their own though, I respect your opinion, just wanted to throw my own two cents in lol. At any rate….

    1) Even though Goldar was referred to as a flying monkey insultingly once or twice I think, his costume design is actually that of a reverse Griffin, so he always looks more like a winged lion beast to me than an ape.

    2) While Scorpina didn’t have a personal rivalry with a particular ranger like Goldar had with Jason & Tommy, she did have an impact in that she provided Rita with a powerful new minion she could call upon to battle the rangers and get things done, whereas before she only had Goldar & Finster to rely on…Plus the comedy relief duo of Squat & Baboo, who became more & more useless deadweight over time lol. Plus, Goldar & Scorpina’s tag team battles against the Zords were AWESOME :D…Though it is a shame that she just vanished without explanation by season two…Hopefully the reboot movie will give her more to do :3

  8. You had to re-edit?
    I haven’t watched this as yet but I just wanted to say it’s great to see this up in a format that can stay up without fear of it being taken down.
    Brings back such good memories: I knew 0 about Power Rangers until my brother and I binged watched several of these on a computer hooked up to a TV.
    Is it weird that the sort of childhood nostalgia I feel in hearing the name Power Rangers is not in the show itself but a retrospective about it?
    Anyway, going by an above commentator, YOU KNOW KAMEN RIDER?!?!?!?!?!??!!?
    The more people who know about Kamen Rider, the more flowers bloom and puppies skip in my book.
    Also, not to start any rumors, but last year, I think I was in the same airport as the actor of Bulk. Just wanted to say

  9. Oh god…it’s George Lucas original trilogy all over again!

  10. I never really understood why a black guy in black, Asian in yellow, etc-etc… was considered ”racist”.
    What, they can’t ever wear ANY color that might be vaguely close to their skin color ?
    Honestly, this is just so very silly(stupid) for me. -_-

    • It’s not about wearing the colors. It’s about those being their official colors. It’s not complicated. You try it some time: tell all the Asians they get to be on the yellow team and the black people they are on the black team, and see how it goes.

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