Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie – Hilariocity Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in Hilariocity form!

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  1. Todd in the Shadows’ #1 “Nut Shot in Movie” 🙂

  2. Yep. This movie is awful in almost every way. Even when it first came out I could recognize the CGI as being absolutely hideous. They introduced new ‘weapons’ for the rangers that were never in the TV show and were obvious marketing ploys. The ending is also so horrible with the whole ‘we’ll bring him back to life with the power of TEAMWORK and LOVE’ or whatever.

    And yet, I still enjoy it. I love the cheesy quips. I like the fight scenes. Ivan Ooze is a gorgeously hammy scene-chewing villain. And I love Dreams as an ending song. The only parts of the movie I actively dislike are anything to do with the subplot involving the kid and the parents.

    But yeah, it’s a guilty pleasure to be sure.

  3. I wish I was alive when this came out and not in my mother’s stomach. Still, this is a masterpiece compared to the second movie. Also, yeah, I already got my tickets for the upcoming Power Rangers movie. Please be fun. 🤞

  4. The train… the only physical thing in the movie that SHOULD have been CGI.

    Great review, Chris.

  5. Actually, it’s Ryan’s comet. Just FYI 🙂

  6. This film is a full on guilty pleasure for me from start to finish

  7. I only ever saw this once on video, shortly after it was out in theatres. I don’t remember much beyond Ivan Ooze, and thinking The CG zords were a huge downgrade from the costumed actors used on the show. Speaking of Ivan Ooze I find it amusing he briefly returned to the forefront of pop culture thanks to comparisons to Apocalypse, from the recent X-men film.

  8. I hate that I know it was the Black Ranger making the Jurassic Park joke, but I know Vash the Stampede when I hear him.

    I was just slightly too old for this movie when it came out. I watched it years later when I was old enough to appreciate terrible 90s movies for children, and had a good time with my brother because of how silly it is. But yeah, it’s the cheesy fighting at the beginning that is the best.

    The hypnotized parents thing reminds me of that one Buffy episode with the eggs.

  9. 11:36
    I just point out that in Super Sentai what not always take itself seriously they usually go with a joke that monsters have honor code or consider transformation as “cool” and that is why they don’t interrupt.

    In more overall serious Kamen Rider they usually go with explanation that transformation create large amount of energy and it is usually not wise to attack when it happen.. also several cases of attempts to interrupt transformation in fact did happen but usually was counterproductive. They also use overall faster transformations.

  10. Yeah, I did notice Tommy was always saving Kimberly, honestly I think it wouldn’t have surprised any of the fans at the time if the writers wrote them as a couple at this point.

  11. *appears like Tamera from the wicker man video*…Chris your forgetting Turbo

  12. I now see where the two Charlie’s Angels movies 2000-2001 based on the 70’s TV show got their over-the-top stunt wirework inspiration.

  13. And I see where Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius The Movie circa 2001 got their inspiration for the evil alien bad guy kidnaps and hypnotizes all the kid’s or children’s parents to liberally enslave the Earth’s parents on occasion forcing them to do the kinda lame Austrian Chicken Dance, totally freeing the Earth’s children or kids for a while until they miss and can’t take care of themselves without them and eventually organize to rescue them. I’m just saying that Charlie’s Angels and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius The Movie which I hardly remember being early 2000’s cheesy movies ripped off Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a 1990’s cheesy movie and others I’m sure with their horrid storytelling plots, so think about that.

  14. “Adam, what’s the matter?”
    “I’m a frog.”
    “Yes, a frog. Like the kind you kiss to turn into a Prince.”
    “F___ this, man, I’m going into anime!”

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