Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann reviews Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

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  1. Chicken Puppet

    I was looking forward to your review of this film not because I have any interest in seeing it, but because the hype and marketing for this movie is everywhere if you like adult swim, or video game sites, or just about anywhere they can throw promo at your eyeballs.

    I had a feeling this would be a watchable movie because they seem to have a ton of faith in it, but obviously nothing beyond a standard goofy teen party movie.

    • Chicken Puppet

      Oh yeah, forgot to really explain – I was interested because I’m always curious to see how something so massively hyped will do based on the marketing VS the actual quality of the film. I’ll probably never see this movie unless forced to by a friend.

      Also, the thing about people in movies acting like cartoons has been bugging me for years.
      I blame Jim Carey, Seth Rogan, and Jonah Hill.

  2. I do say LOL a lot. Then again, I’m pretty fake. I’m still not going to see this movie though.

  3. It seems you like it so I might see it ,I want to see it just to see Sugar lyn Bernard who did YTV and the was the Voice of Rinini in Sailor Moon playing the younger sister who is getting mairried.

  4. I thought the film might be funny, so since you agree with that, I’ll give a go, I like dumb-funny movies. XD

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