MikeJ: Can the Diablo cook a burger?

Let’s find out!

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  1. That mince looks terrible.

  2. Eh, I don’t really eat stuffed burgers, but I still want this thing.

  3. Making a huge mess on your stove, there, buddy. Maybe put a little less stuff in it next time so as not to have oil and grease squirt all over the place. Still, a pretty good idea.

  4. That mince didn’t look cooked on the inside at all…

    Maybe stick to making fruit pies and pancakes with it.

  5. Seemed like a good idea, but it doesn’t look like it works that well for making hamburgers, doesn’t have anywhere for the grease to go.

  6. We’ve had something better than the Diablo state-side for more than forty years. Available in camping supply stores and hey, pudgie pie makers/ pie irons are still around for about 16 bucks! Eight less than what the Diablo goes for on line.

    They’re better because they’re larger, and square so you don’t waste tons of bread. Straight sides so it cooks more evenly. Have long metal handles for use with a fire or grill and a simple hook to lock the damn thing shut so you can put it down and minimize leaking. And the parts that aren’t indestructible cast iron you can replace for a couple dollars with a visit to basically any hardware store.

    But hey! Novelty horns for hinges! That counts for something! That’s worth pretending a product is new and novel, rather than old and everywhere! Good job Diablo, you’ve demonstrated how not to reinvent the wheel.

    Now I suddenly wonder if mashing bread trimmings together and toasting them would result in something cohesive enough to count as a sandwich.

  7. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Looks to me like with a lot of trial of error for things like the stovetop setting and time (longer at a lower heat), it could work. It’d be annoying to learn the magic combo though. Assuming my suspicions are right and there is a magic combo. And a secondary skillet could keep the grease off the stovetop. But it’s not exactly good for the job if you need to dirty a second bit of cooking equipment just to use it.

  8. How the hell did you not set off your smoke alarm with that?

  9. Note to Self : never to buy Ground beef in England

  10. Lower the temperature, cook longer. You can’t make things cook faster by turning up the heat. And get some fresh mince!

  11. My suggestion would be to use a grill over the stove. Might take longer, but you wouldn’t have to worry about ground beef fat forever burned onto your stove burners (glass-top stoves are monsters to keep clean T_T)

  12. Probably an idea better suited to stay in the fire, not on the stove.
    Cooking at a lower temp may have been better than on high but I have never tried to cook a hamburger in one of these.

  13. As a general cooking tip, time and amount of heat depend on what you are cooking. For thinner meet high temperatures and small amount of time works but to cook thick meet depending on how you wanted in the middle you need to make adjustments, lower temperatures for longer periods of time cook it well done all the way if the heat is high you cook the outer layer faster before the inside is fully heated, which is good to make medium/rare cuts.

    Also, the Diablo thingy seams to be cast iron which is general better to cooking meat because it heats evenly, but it takes way longer to heat up (compared to steel or cooper or aluminium) and also to cool down, also is a pain in the ass to clean because water makes it rust.

  14. Darn it Mike, how can you expect the burger to be any good without the blood of virgins?

  15. IDK, I don’t think it was all that unsuccessful a test. I think if you tried a hamburger with a lower fat content, you’d solve the grease problem. And if you cooked it longer, I think you could get one with a done middle. As first tries go, I think it wasn’t all that bad. This would be a fantastic camping tool. Something like this would cook well over an open fire, and with a slightly longer handle, could even be left in the fire for a while. The seal means that the food wouldn’t fall into the fire, and any drippings wouldn’t matter outdoors. I think they missed their ideal market, lol.

    • Judging by the googling I did, they actually stole this idea from camping gear. There’s a lot of these things made special for cooking in a campfire. But most are square or rectangle shaped.

  16. Moviemantweeter1999

    Guess the diablo can’t cook a burger at all but when you cook with it next time can you try to get The logo to go on the burger cause thats happen the last two times?

  17. I think that even though it may not be the best at cooking burgers, using it to shape them for the skillet/pan would be easier (and probably cleaner) than using the Stuffz. That and i’m sure it would make a more rational size for a burger other than those “man burgers” Stuffz tends to make.

  18. Darn, it did end up leaking like I expected. It does make me think that as far as making hamburgers with the Diablo, the best way would be over an open fire if you’re camping or something, since then you don’t have to worry about the mess or grease fires or whatever.

    As far as what to add to hamburger meat, just add salt and pepper and it’ll be fine. There’s fancier ways, obviously, but at my place we usually just add that, cook it and we’re done.

  19. Okay, whomever said you put breadcrumbs into burgers is a moron, I agree. But I’m going to post my burger recipe incase Mike actually reads these comments.

    You’ll need –

    1 or more pounds of ground beef.

    1 or two eggs.

    Garlic salt – I prefer the Lowery’s that comes with dried parsley in it.

    Dried, minced onion. (Some people use a half packet of onion soup mix but I find that makes it too salty.)

    Pink Himalayan salt. (Mom bought some and never used it. So I did.)



    Worcestershire Sauce.

    Mix all those things together – I don’t do measuring. A healthy squirt of each of the last three, a good size sprinkle of everything else – the salt came with it’s own grinder so I just turned that two times. Dig your hands in and mix it all together. Then cook burgers as normal.

  20. Right. I know you are English, and thereby…. taste-bud challenged (part English myself, love the country, let’s be honest though), but if meat smells ‘rancid’, nothing can save it, do not eat it. Lol, loved the home-show series, cheers.

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